Sales Intelligence for Infor CRM: Predicting Future Purchases

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Sales Intelligence for Infor CRM

Educated guesses are alright, data science is better.  Way better.

Earlier in the year when we held a webinar to discuss the different products from the Infor Customer Experience Suite that integrate with Infor CRM.  This month we’re excited to present a product from the CX Suite that will help you to have intelligent interactions with your customers as well as predict their future purchases – Sales Intelligence for Infor CRM.  Sales Intelligence uses advanced data science algorithms such as collaborative filters, association rule mining, and sequential pattern mining to help you predict purchase likelihood, next likely purchase, and attrition analysis.  What’s more, the system continually learns and automatically adjusts its methods for maximum benefits.  During this webinar we will review:

  • How Infor CRM enhances cross-sell capabilities with Sales Intelligence to tell you:
    • Who will purchase your product and when
    • What they will purchase
    • Why they will make the purchase
  • Customer Case Study: how an early adopter increased their cross-sell revenue tens of millions of dollars a month by using Sales Intelligence.
  • Live demo of Sales Intelligence and how it is utilized in Infor CRM to focus sales teams on closing customers.

What: Sales Intelligence for Infor CRM: Predicting Future Purchases presented by Ally Perreault of Infor
When: Wednesday, July 26th at 2pm CDT
Where: Online via GoToWebinar

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