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Solving the Infor CRM or Saleslogix Database Manager Crash

We had an issue with the Database Manager on our 8.3.6 Infor system where the Database Manager would start to open all of the tables but at the last table, it would hang and eventually crash the Administrator or the Architect.  The tables would open correctly in SQL Management Studio so we felt certain the database was not corrupted.

Error with Currency Controls in Infor CRM Web 8.3.08

I recently have run into a really frustrating behavior of the Currency control in the Infor CRM web client. Running in an 8.3.08 system, the following issues exist out of the box: If you bring up the edit screen for an Opportunity Product, you can see this issue with the Currency control. By default this […]

Problem Showing All Area, Category, and Issue Values in Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Mobile And How to Fix

There is an issue with the Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Mobile client where, if you have a large list of Area, Category, & Issue values, not all of them will show in the lookup. This is caused by the fact that the out of the box AreaCategoryIssue lookup will retrieve only 200 rows, and, then filter the distinct list of these 200 rows to show the available area, category, or issue values. The problem comes into play when you have more than 200 rows ...

Groups Not Loading in SalesLogix 7.5 Web

I recently saw an issue where groups would not load in SalesLogix 7.5.1 web. Not a single group would load. You'd see the spinning circle as if it were attempting to load the group. However, that would disappear and then...nothing. No group data would appear. Not just the data, but not even the group definition, so you wouldn't even see any column headers. With a little troubleshooting the problem was easy to track down, and the solution ...

Relationship Property Names and Case

In today's SalesLogix Web Developer class, we discussed an issue that someone in the class was having at runtime with a relationship that had a property that started with lower-case letters. Here are the details of that issue and the fix.

Error Opening InsertOpportunity.aspx in SalesLogix 7.2 Web

I posted this a while back in the SalesLogix Business Partner newsgroups, but it has recently just helped a few others who came across it there, so I thought it would be a worthwhile public post. Not everyone will get the error mentioned in this post, but if you are then this should help. This post also describes my troubleshooting process to locate this issue and determine the fix for it.

Solving THTTPRequestThread Errors with ActiveMail in SalesLogix Web

If you're using SalesLogix 7.2 Web along with ActiveMail (the Outlook integration for the SalesLogix Web client - you'll see the option on the login screen), then chances are you've seen an error about “THTTPRequestThread”. This is a particularly annoying error that will display each time you move to a new page. So, every time you do....anything, you'll see the error dialog. A real pain. This post offers some help to solve thi...

Remotely Resetting an IIS Server

Chances are that if you have SalesLogix 7.2 Web running that you've had to perform an IISRESET a time or two on the IIS server. Often this can be a pain since you might not actually be on the IIS server. You might have the Application Architect installed on a workstation the the deployment pointing to the IIS server. In these cases it can be a pain to remote desktop to the IIS server simply to run the IISRESET command.

Changing the File Size Limit for Uploaded Attachments for SalesLogix 7.2 Web

One of the great things about the new SalesLogix Web architecture is that it is all built on ASP.NET - using standard ASP.NET techniques. With our knowledge of ASP.NET, we can make many useful changes to SalesLogix since it all 100% applies. No tricky or proprietary things to figure out, just plain old ASP.NET. A customer reported a problem today from a customer portal user who was getting a timeout when trying to upload a 2MB file as an attachme...

Changing the Title of a SalesLogix 7.2.1 Web Portal

Using 7.2.1, if you change the portal title this change does not reflect as the title of the deployed site. For example, if you change it from "Sage SalesLogix" to "SalesLogix Development System", then deploy the site, it will still show "Sage SalesLogix" as the site's title. I should mention, this was not a problem in pre-SP1 (7.2.0) systems it worked fine there.

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