Tag: SQL Server

SQL to add an incrementing counter in results

One thing I alwys forget how to do is to add a sequential number to a query output in SQL.  Using the rank function you can get this.  A  query such as   select rank() OVER (ORDER BY accountid) as xrank, account, accountid from account Will return the accountid and a sequential number based on […]

How to fix the inability to open/view a SSIS package in BIDS

 I recently ran into an issue with a SQL server installation at a client where I tried to open a SSIS package using the BIDS interface but would receive an error upon the package loading that said: Microsoft visual studio is unable to load this document.  To design Integration Services packages in Business Intelligence Development […]

Sysdba fix script for SalesLogix database restores

When restoring a SalesLogix SQL database backup from one server to another, you must synchronize the database’s sysdba user to the new SQL server’s sysdba user.  This can be done using a SQL stored procedure.  SalesLogix provides this procedure under their database folder on the install DVD.   Inevitably I find I need this T-SQL […]

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