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Infor CRM – New Bundle Action Types

The Application Architect has several new bundle action types – Insert Records, Add Secured Action(s), and Add Role(s).  The Insert Records screen allows you to choose records from every table in the database and includes all fields in that table. Also added is the ability to save a bundle as a folder.

Infor CRM – New Dynamic PickList Items

When managing PickList items in the web client, you can now add a filter word.  The filter word can then be dynamically queried so that your users only see the items in the PickList matching the filter word.  For example, your US based users only see PickList items with the USA filter word and the […]

Deep Dive: The New Infor CRM (Saleslogix) v8.2 Group Manager

Wednesday, September 23rd at 2pm CDT. This month we finish up our series highlighting the new features in Infor CRM v8.2 with the Group Manager. (You can watch previous v8.2 feature highlights here and here.) Over time, groups often become unwieldy with one-off groups, non-working groups, and groups created by users that left your company 5 years ago […]

Infor CRM Product Highlights Demo

Presented by Infor CRM Product Manager, Jeff Hanrahan. Infor is putting on a webinar that will highlight the latest updates to Infor CRM – and you’re invited!  Join Jeff Hanrahan, the Infor CRM Product Manager, on Wednesday, September 23rd at 8am PT/11am ET  as he breaks own the newest integration, configuration, and collaboration features.  His […]

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