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What Are Tags?

What exactly are tags?

Think of tags as a simple category or label for content. As content is posted to customerfx.com the content will be tagged to label or categorize the content of the post.

Why are tags useful to me?

By tagging the content on customerfx.com, you can easily see related content on the site by clicling a tag and seeing other content tagged with the same word or phrase. For example, you might be looking at a page that is tagged with the word "SalesLogix". If you click on the hyperlink for the SalesLogix tag on that page, you'll be presented with a list of other pages that have been tagged with the word "SalesLogix", such as addon products for SalesLogix, articles or blog posts about SalesLogix, downloads for SalesLogix, and so forth.

What is a tag cloud?

A tag cloud, such as the one on the Customer FX search page, is a collection of all tags on the customerfx.com site. The size of the tag in the cloud represents the tags popularity. The more a tag is used, the larger it will appear in the tag cloud. For example, if the word "Workshops" appears larger in the tag cloud than other tags, this indicates it is used to label more content on the customerfx.com site than other tags.

The really powerful par of the tag cloud on the customerfx.com site is that it allows you to "drill-down" to locate content based on how the content is labeled. For example, you can click the label "CFX Product" in the tag cloud and you'll be listed with a list of all Customer FX Products. You'll also see a smaller tag cloud of other tags used within the "CFX Product" tag, such as SalesLogix, SageCRM, MSCRM, etc. Clicking on one of these tags will alllow you to drill deeper into the Customer FX Product list. For example, you can click on "SalesLogix and you will now be presented with a list of all Customer FX products that are for SalesLogix. For some sections of the customerfx.com site you can drill deeper and deeper, allowing you to locate content that you might not know what to search for. You might know you are looking for content related to SageCRM but are not sure what exactly to search for to locate the content you need. By using tags, you can locate the content based purely on the labels, or categories for the content. That is pretty cool!

 Give the Customer FX tag cloud a try!


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