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Customer FX Labs showcases a few of our favorite ideas that aren't quite ready for prime time.  Some may graduate, some may stay in beta forever, some may eventually disappear.  Your feedback can help us improve them.  Please play with these prototypes and send us your comments.

Our Team. Our Mission. Our Work.

Beta Projects
Peek inside the Customer FX labs for our latest alpha and beta projects. Looking through the smoke from our overused keyboards and the propeller heads, you'll see new great things we're busy cranking away at. We're geeks and proud of it. Contact us to inquire about any of the lab projects.
SalesLogix License Updater  |  SalesLogix Group Explorer  |  SQLBrowser  |  LinkedIn2CRM for Sage SalesLogix  |  DeskConnect  |  SalesLogixSpy  |  MarketWatch for SageCRM  |  RSS2Database Windows Service  | 

Lab Graduates
As software created in the Customer FX labs mature and become full products, they will move into the graduates sections. Take a whirl on any of the cool products that have graduated from our labs.
Power2Quotes for SalesLogix  |  Account Hierarchy for SalesLogix Web  |  Outlook2CRM  | 

Solution Samples
See some solutions that we've built for customers. The samples featured here are real-world, production systems designed and developed by Customer FX. We take pride in our work. Contact us about any of these solutions listed here - or for your own.
SalesLogix Deployment with Custom Quoting Interface and MAS 500 Integration  |  Lead Processing Center  |  Silverback Appliance Integration with SalesLogix  | 

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