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Since 1993

Customer FX Corporation
2324 University Avenue West
Suite 115
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114

Tel: 800.728.5783
Tel: 651.646.7777
Fax: 651.846.5185

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Our Communities

Visit other Customer FX communities:

  • slxdeveloper.com
    The best online community for SalesLogix developers.

  • Good Training
    Good Training provides the best in free online training for SalesLogix professionals. Become a SalesLogix power user today!

  • Outlook2CRM
    Outlook2CRM for Sage SalesLogix provides customizable integration for SalesLogix in Outlook. Easily create SalesLogix tickets, contacts, activities, opportunity, etc from Outlook e-mail.

  • Customer FX on Github 
    Take a look at the growing list of open source projects from Customer FX on Github! You'll be able to find out our current projects such as Git Extensions for SalesLogix as well as keep up to date on our new projects we'll be working on as well. Join the Customer FX open source community and come collaborate on projects with us!

  • Will Geek For Food 
    Will Geek For Food is a site founded by Customer FX to band geeks, developers, & consultants together in an effort to make a difference in the world and donate to feed America. Geeks unite!


          About Customer FX

You can do it.  We've got your back!  We're a development and technical boutique specializing in SalesLogix Cloud / Web, Outlook and ERP Integration, and web development.  We thrive on challenges - it's what keeps our team motivated.  If you need an elegantly designed, industrial strength solution, then we are the team for you.

Our Team

"Given a choice, I'll take a team of talented, experienced, dedicated people - who've been working together for many years - over an assembled team of all-stars every time.  Fortunately, I don't have to choose."
 David Tinjum, President, Customer FX Corporation

Sometimes a number can be worth a thousand words:

  • 12.5 Years - The average tenure for all Customer FX staff

As a team, we've been tackling challenges for our customers for a long time, combining our individual strengths and unique abilities to create awesome solutions.

Our Mission

"For us, it's about passion.  Passion for learning new things just for the sake of learning.  Passion to be the best.  Passion for designing and creating solutions that go way outside the box and make a real impact - and that are just plain cool!"
 Ryan Farley, Director of Development, Customer FX Corporation

Our mission is simple:

  • Be Excellent
  • Do Excellent Work
  • Help Others Be Excellent

Every day at Customer FX is a passionate pursuit of excellence.  Seriously.  It really is.

Our Work

"I know we're demanding, it's the nature of business these days.  We were expecting a solution that functioned properly and got the job done, but no way were we expecting this.  The solution you created is a thing of beauty, and so easy to use it almost runs itself.  Wow!"
 Deb S., Director of Administration, Customer FX Client

Building solutions that meet complex business needs doesn't have to be complicated.  Not with our team.

Check out some of our work:

Solution Samples
Take a peek at some Customer FX designed and built solutions. We've selected a few solutions we've built in the past to spur the imagination.
 Go to Solution Samples...
Customer FX Labs
Go ahead and download anything you'd like from the labs and take a spin. These tools, utilities, and applications are free for you to use while in beta.
 Go to the Customer FX Labs...
Outlook2CRM for Sage SalesLogix
Outlook2CRM for Sage SalesLogix is a commercial addon product for SalesLogix, developed by Customer FX. This ground-breaking application provides complete and customizable Outlook integration for SalesLogix. Give your SalesLogix users the productivity boost they need when communicating with customers via e-mail. This application is a must see!
 Go to the Outlook2CRM website...
Customer FX Communities
We've built and run several online communities, such as the popular slxdeveloper.com. Chances are, you've been to one already and collaborated with a member of the Customer FX team. We look forward to seeing you there!
 View the Customer FX Communities...

Our Clients


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Customer FX Corporation
2324 University Avenue West, Suite 115
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114
Tel: 800.728.5783

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