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Check out Power2Software solutions from Customer FX. Designed to deliver extra power to your business. Business Partner inquiries welcome.

To install Power2Software applications & manage licenses, you must install the Customer FX Application Manager.

  • Saleslogix Mobile Developer Toolkit

    Saleslogix Mobile Development, Made Easy. The Saleslogix Mobile Developer Toolkit provides tools to simplify Saleslogix Mobile development and customization. This tool makes it easy to get started with Saleslogix Mobile customization by automating steps...
  • Free Saleslogix Reports

    New and Improved Versions of Saleslogix Crystal Reports We're modifying, enhancing and fixing every Saleslogix Report that comes standard with Saleslogix. Check back often, since we're averaging about 1 new report per week. Enjoy. Saleslogix Work...
  • Power2Projects for Saleslogix Web

    Power2Projects provides you with a complete solution for managing projects for your organization. Track projects to every detail - from tasks to work recorded against tasks. Even keep the project documentation all rolled up in one easy to use place. Best of all, it's all built for SalesLogix Web.
  • Power2Workslips for Saleslogix

    Power2Workslips is a complete workslip and ticket management solution for SalesLogix. Power2Workslips allows your support organization to create workslips that tie multiple tickets together into a single work unit. The workslip manages the tracking of expenses, activities for all associated tickets (as well as activities for the workslip itself), ticket and workslip history, billing, and attached files for the workslip and associated tickets. For any support or services organization, there's no better way to work.
  • Power2Assets for Saleslogix

    Power2Assets provides an advanced view of account assets/products in SalesLogix. If you deal with assets in SalesLogix, you need this. Power2Assets goes way beyond simple asset management. It allows you to create activities and history for assets, add attached files to assets, associate tickets (and ticket parts), contracts, RMAs, defects, even contact's with roles for the asset. Power2Assets gives you an audit trail of asset ownership as well. There is nothing better when it comes to asset management in SalesLogix than this!
  • Power2Survey for Saleslogix

    Power2Survey provides you a complete solution for administrators to create surveys for account representatives in SalesLogix. Power2Survey is used by field representatives to survey accounts to evaluate account growth and predict future needs.
  • Power2Quotes for Saleslogix

    Power2Quotes provides an advanced and complete quoting solution for SalesLogix. Power2Quotes includes a sophisticated products tab where products can be grouped and the user can define the positioning of products and groups. Quotes can be saved as PDF files and e-mailed to customers. Also includes ability to clone quotes, create revisions, export to Excel and more.
  • Saleslogix Group Explorer

    The SalesLogix Group Explorer is a utility to explore your SalesLogix group definitions (layouts, included columns, conditions, sort orders, etc), group SQL queries, and group data, all from outside of SalesLogix. Group Explorer also provides the ability to quickly export your group data to CSV or XML (exporting 100,000 of rows in a fraction of a single second).
  • Outlook2CRM for Saleslogix

    Outlook2CRM for Sage SalesLogix provides a complete solution for your SalesLogix users to be as productive as possible when communicating with your customers via e-mail.
  • Account Hierarchy for Saleslogix Web

    Missing the Account Relationships Feature in Saleslogix Web? We've Got Your Back. You've moved to the new Saleslogix Web platform and all is great. Then your users mention that the account hierarchy that you've grown to rely on is missing...
  • Community Explorer

    Finding the SalesLogix Community information you need. Right now. At last, a great way to search and browse the official Sage SalesLogix community forums. Community Explorer is a desktop client that allows you to search and browse the discussions in the...

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