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Ryan Farley on .NET Development with a focus on CRM Development for SalesLogix

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  • SQL Stored Procedure to Create SalesLogix Table ID Values

    Most of the SalesLogix systems I see now days no longer use remote users. Instead, all users VPN into a central network to access SalesLogix, or use the SalesLogix Web and Mobile clients instead for remote users. This removes the need to worry about things like synchronization for remote users and also allows you to do some SalesLogix table manipulation without going through the SalesLogix OLE DB Provider since things no longer have to be "sync aware". This post will provide you with a SQL Stored Procedure to create SalesLogix table ID values from inside of SQL scripts. Keep in mind, you should only use this if you do not have remote users that synchronize with the host system.
  • Fixing the Orphaned SYSDBA SQL User

    Ok, I see in my logs constantly google searches for “ fixing the sysdba user “ that lead to this blog. This is a common thing I find in my logs, but strangely enough, I've never posted anything about fixing the sysdba user. So, drumroll... sp_change_users_login...
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