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Ryan Farley on .NET Development with a focus on CRM Development for SalesLogix

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  • Announcing the Open-Source SalesLogix .NET Extensions Helper Library

    If you're working in the SalesLogix Windows (LAN) client, why not make as most use as possible of a modern development environment, language, and tools? The SalesLogix .NET Extensions feature in the SalesLogix Windows client is one of the best, and likely least used, features in the SalesLogix Windows client development story. A choice bewteen using an out-dated development environment and VBScript, with no possibility of using source control or a true multi-developer experience verses using Visual Studio, with source control, a modern language and framework where the sky is the limit? I'll take the latter any day. Still not convinced? The .NET Extensions Helper library comes to the rescue. This new open source project from Customer FX will make embedding .NET controls in SalesLogix a breeze.
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