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Dave Tinjum on Customer FX 3.0 - Customer FX 1.0 was actually Business FX, born in the fall of 1993. In 2000 we started using the DBA Customer FX to reflect the change in our industry from Sales Automation to Customer Relationship Management, and 2.0 arrived. This blog will share the birth and evolution of Customer FX 3.0 and maybe even be an interesting read from time to time.

Our Very Own Custom Facebook URL - Finally

For the last few months we've been focusing on making our Facebook Fan Page a good resource.  We added a YouTube page last week, and have more fun stuff planned.  The long, cryptic URL for Fan pages has always bugged me, especially the vague requirements Facebook describes to qualify for a "custom" URL.  Some combination of number of Fans, age of page, quality of posts, etc.  Or something.  So we've just focused on creating a good resource.

Anyway, our work has paid off and I am pleased to share our brand new custom Facebook address - www.Facebook.com/CustomerFX - please visit and follow us.

For those who have not yet set up a custom address, check out www.facebook.com/username - you can set up a custom URL for your personal profile like I did here http://www.facebook.com/david.tinjum - and one for your company Fan page (if you qualify).

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About David Tinjum

   Dave is Founder and President of Customer FX Corporation. We all feel sorry for Dave - he's a wanna be geek who can't write a single line of code. How pathetic! Lucky for him, he's surrounded by a whole team of Alpha Geeks. Dave has been an industry insider since 1987 and is called the "Godfather of CRM" by some of his long time peers. He served as Chair of the GoldMine Channel Partner Council from 1993-2000 and Chair of the SalesLogix Business Partner Advisory Council from 1998-2004. Oh, and one more thing - Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers!!!

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