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          Customer FX 3.0

Dave Tinjum on Customer FX 3.0 - Customer FX 1.0 was actually Business FX, born in the fall of 1993. In 2000 we started using the DBA Customer FX to reflect the change in our industry from Sales Automation to Customer Relationship Management, and 2.0 arrived. This blog will share the birth and evolution of Customer FX 3.0 and maybe even be an interesting read from time to time.

About Customer FX 3.0 / Dave Tinjum

I founded Customer FX at my dining room table back in 1993 with $600 in the bank and 1 desktop PC.  We've been through explosive growth and implosive downsizing as a result of the combination punch of the Dot Com bust and 9/11.  Through it all the core team at CFX has stuck together - how lucky am I?

This blog will track our progress toward becoming a true Small Giant.

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