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Developer Training - Building Solutions for Saleslogix Web

The Building Solutions for Saleslogix Web class provides developers with an introductory "start to finish" training for Saleslogix Web. This class takes you through the entire process of building a complete solution in Saleslogix Web to cover the widest range of scenarios that all come together to produce a working and functional MainView solution.

Instead of training you on separate and disconnected topics, we focus on the solution - and everything it takes to build it from beginning to end. Why? Because that is how you work. That is how you learn.

Class Overview

In this class we will walk through building a project tracking solution. By the time the class ends, you'll have the start of a great solution that you could use to manage your own projects, or just use as a great example of a complete, custom solution. In building this solution, you will learn the following concepts:

  1. Building a custom MainView entity with groups, summary views, etc.
  2. Creating custom entities, properties, & relationships between entities.
  3. Creating custom detail forms, add/edit forms, 1-to-many grid forms, & insert forms.
  4. Creating business rules and learn how to write .NET code for the Saleslogix entity model.
  5. Debugging forms & business rules with Visual Studio and how to learn from out of the box code using Reflector.
  6. Bundling your solution to install on other systems.
  7. Along the way you'll gain all the necessary knowledge to know how to use the Application Architect with proficiency and will be ready to jump into your own web solution project!
Online training forum available to class participants for access to the instructor for assistance in building your solution during this two week class and the week following.

Schedule Overview

This class is an online class. The class is broken into 2-3 hour sessions that are usually held 2-3 times a week until the class is finished. It is expected that participants will spend some of their own time practicing the topics covered in the class to build what was learned in the previous session. 6 2-hour sessions on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, each starting at 11:00 AM Central (5:00 PM GMT) spanning a two weeks.

See the scheduled classes below or request your own private class.


This is an introductory level class. Participants should have some familiarity with Saleslogix. However, experience with Saleslogix Web is not required. Some .NET programming knowledge is helpful, but not required as long as the participant has some sort of programming experience, even minimal, such as with creating Saleslogix LAN client customizations. Participants should also have their own Saleslogix Web environment (version 7.2 or 7.5) to practice topics learned in the class on their own.


  • $695 per student  - This is a public class with a minimum of 6 students

About the Instructor

This class is taught by Ryan Farley, Director of Development for Customer FX Corporation, creator of the slxdeveloper.com Saleslogix development community website, and long time developer working with Saleslogix and related technologies. Ryan has many years of experience developing solutions for Saleslogix as well as training developers on Saleslogix related & general development topics, .NET developer training & mentoring, and data/SQL related topics. Ryan is a recognized and active member of the Saleslogix community and loves sharing his development and Saleslogix experience to help others.

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