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  • Crystal Report Writing for Saleslogix

    The Crystal Report Writing for SalesLogix class takes you through the entire process of writing and using reports in SalesLogix. You will learn how to build many types of report and how to get the most out of your SalesLogix data and even from external data sources. This class is essential to understanding how to use and display the data you need in SalesLogix!
  • Developer Training - Saleslogix .NET Extensions

    The SalesLogix .NET Extensions class jump starts your ability to customize and extend the SalesLogix v7 and higher LAN client using .NET and Visual Studio. You'll learn how to take advantage of all the power of the Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Studio when developing for SalesLogix.
  • Developer Training - Process Orchestration for Saleslogix 7.5

    The Process Orchestration for SalesLogix 7.5 class will teach you how to leverage this powerful new addition to SalesLogix to create workflow, processes, and entity-level eventing that can be taken advantage of whether your SalesLogix implementation is web or LAN based.
  • Saleslogix Administrator

    The Saleslogix Administrator has a big job with many different facets. To be successful at administering the system it is important to be knowledgeable in multiple areas and to understand your system. We've put together a Saleslogix Administrator...
  • Data Management User for Saleslogix

    A clean system makes everyone happy which is why data management is so important. The ability to keep the information in your system up-to-date and duplicate free is crucial to providing other users with the relevant information they need to use everyday...
  • Marketing User for Saleslogix

    Advertising, lead generation, anticipating customers' future needs and wants, these are all things that the Saleslogix Marketing User is tasked with. Luckily we've put together a Marketing User course with modules that will help you manage and...
  • Support Manager for Saleslogix

    As a Support Manager you are tasked with making sure your support team is operating efficiently and solving customer issues in a timely manner. To do this it is important that you know the processes your support team is using to solve issues and be able...
  • Support User for Saleslogix

    When there are issues the Support User is the go to person. You're charged with solving customer problems, no matter how big or small, in order to retain customers and keep them happy. This is a big task and it is important that you know how to use...
  • Sales Manager for Saleslogix

    As a Sales Manager it is important to understand the processes your Sales Representatives use in Saleslogix as well as being able to see the big picture and get the information you need to stay on top of things. The Sales Manager course consists of modules...
  • Sales Representative for Saleslogix

    As a Sales Representative you are responsible for qualifying leads, creating opportunities, and ultimately closing the sale. To do this you must be organized, efficient, and never drop the ball. The ability to correctly use Saleslogix will translate into...
  • Sales Admin User for Saleslogix

    The role of the Saleslogix Sales Admin User is to ensure that Sales Representatives and Sales Managers are able to use Saleslogix in a way that fits their role. The Sales Admin User accomplishes this by being knowledgeable and able to assist in many areas...
  • Overview of Saleslogix

    This class is for the user that has not had any exposure to SalesLogix. It will focus on navigating the SalesLogix interface and introducing the user to all of the features available within SalesLogix. The class does not go into detail on any of the features covered. Separate classes are available for in depth training on any specific feature.
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