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Crystal Report Writing for Saleslogix

The Crystal Report Writing for Saleslogix class takes you through the entire process of writing and using reports in Saleslogix. You will learn how to build many types of reports and how to get the most out of your Saleslogix data, even from external data sources. This class is essential to understanding how to use and display the data you need in Saleslogix!

Class Overview

The Crystal Report Writing for Saleslogix class is a three day, instructor-led, online class that includes three sessions of three hours each, as well as one-on-one time with the instructor both before and after the class. In this class you will over the following topics:

Preparation: Each student will receive one-on-one preparation time with the instructor to prepare an environment to be used throughout the class.

Session 1: The first session is focused on establishing knowledge of the different environments used for reporting in Saleslogix.

  • SQL Basics: Building queries and views and incorporating outside data sources.
  • Saleslogix Architect: Managing Saleslogix reports, working with SQL views, Saleslogix database manager.
  • Saleslogix Reports area: Understanding the Saleslogix reports area using standard and advanced options.
  • Crystal Reports version 11.0: Understanding the environment and using the wizards.

Session 2: Session 2 focuses on working in the Crystal Reports environment.

  • Report planning: Data flow, grouping, incorporating business rules.
  • Report development: Using parameters, groups, summaries, formula fields, and sub-reports.
  • Tuning reports: Formatting fields, suppressing data, lines and boxes, simple graphs.

Session 3: The third session reinforces everything learned so far in an open environment. Students will work with the instructor to build a preplanned Crystal Report.

2 hours additional training:  Each student will receive two additional hours of one-on-one training time to be used as needed after the class over a period of 30 days following the class. This can be used for consulting, planning, or development of SalesLogix reports.

Private forum, moderated by the class instructor: Each student will have access to a private forum, moderated by the class instructor, for additional assistance during the class and for two weeks following the class.


  • $295 This Session Only Introductory Promotion
  • $495 for Future Classes

About the Instructor

This class is taught by George Jensen, a Senior Developer for Customer FX Corporation. George has over 10 years of experience working with Saleslogix, data, and reporting. George maintains a blog on SalesLogix reporting where he posts weekly articles on building Saleslogix reports, understanding Saleslogix data & business intelligence, and more.


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