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Overview of Saleslogix

Introduction and Overview of Saleslogix:

This class is for the user that has not had any exposure to Saleslogix. It will focus on navigating the Saleslogix interface and introducing the user to all of the features available within Saleslogix. The class does not go into detail on any of the features covered. Separate classes are available for in depth training on any specific feature.

Navigating the Saleslogix Workspace: This section will focus on the Saleslogix Workspace, components and functions that include the Title Bars, Menu Bars,Toolbars and the Status Bar.  Also covered will be the right mouse button shortcut menus, used extensively in Saleslogix.  Finally, options available to the user for customizing the workspace will be discussed.

Introduction to many features within Saleslogix:  Saleslogix is a product rich in many features including, but not limited to, Sales, Marketing, Dashboards, Service and Support.  Each feature will be touched upon so that you may become familiar with your options and begin to identify what features that will most benefit you.

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