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Sales Manager for Saleslogix

As a Sales Manager it is important to understand the processes your Sales Representatives use in Saleslogix as well as being able to see the big picture and get the information you need to stay on top of things.  The Sales Manager course consists of modules that are important for Sales Representatives as well as specific modules to help you do your job and get information that is pertinent to a manager.  Below are the modules included in the Sales Manager course:

Inserting Records and Managing Activities

Adding Contacts/Leads: Adding Contacts/Leads to Saleslogix is an important task and   is something every user must know, but especially those who hold a sales position.  This section will focus on entering and modifying Contacts/Leads, and utilizing the Contact and Lead Views.

Qualifying Leads and Converting to Contacts: The Leads area is a new addition in Saleslogix v7.0 and a great tool for keeping your database clean.  Now you can keep potential customers separate from actual customers.  This section will focus on Managing Lead Qualifying questions, creating new individual leads, qualifying the lead and converting the lead into a New Contact in the database.

Scheduling and Completing Activities: The ability to organize your Meetings, Phone Calls, Events, and Personal Activities is a great feature of Saleslogix.  This section will teach you how to understand the Activities Window, enter an Activity, enter an Event, and complete an unscheduled Activity.

Managing your Calendar/Activities: In Saleslogix you have the ability to view, schedule, edit, and delete activities via your Activities list or the Saleslogix Calendar. This section will walk you through viewing your activities in both places as well the functions available to you in both views.

Viewing Sales Reps Activity/Calendars: Not only is it important for you to be able to view your own calendar and activities but also those of your sales reps.  The ability to access this important information will help you to better direct your team so that they can meet their goals.

Viewing Support Issues: In Saleslogix support issues are logged as Tickets.  As a sales manager it is important that you are able to view any issue your customer may have to ensure that it is resolved in a timely manner.  This section will focus on looking up support issues and navigating the ticket screen.

Working with Groups and Run Merge/Reports

Creating Groups: The ability to build a Group in Saleslogix is important and one which every user should be competent.  Groups are a collection of accounts, contacts, or opportunities that share a common value or characteristic.  Groups allow a user to work with a subset of records to accomplish a task or perform job functions, such as sending a direct mail piece or conducting a telemarketing campaign.  Groups are created from the result of a look-up or an ad-hoc method.  A user can create a group to use repeatedly so that there is no need to re-query the database every time.

Merging Records: Merging records is one of many ways to keep data clean within Saleslogix.  The ability to take two or more records for the same contact and create one seamless record without losing pertinent information will improve the quality of the data in your system and will help to ensure important information isn't lost.  This section will take you through how to properly merge records.

Creating Mail/Email Merges: The ability to perform a Mail Merge is a quick, efficient way to execute correspondence for an individual or a group of people.  This section will focus on using Mail Merge templates to execute Email/Mail Merges.

Running Reports: Reports are an integral part of Saleslogix, they provide a simple way     to incorporate data for a quick snapshot of important information.  There are many types of data that you can run reports against, including but not limited to: Accounts, Contracts, Opportunities, Tickets, etc.  This section will focus on accessing and running a report.

Working with Opportunities

Working with Opportunities/Sales Processes: In Saleslogix a Process is a series of tasks executed according to a defined path.  Opportunities/Sales processes are a series of stages and steps that help a sales person close an opportunity.  In Saleslogix you have the ability to create sales processes based on business size, product line, territory, or any other factor that determines how a sale progresses through a pipeline.  This section will focus on ensuring important sales steps are not missed in the sales process.

Managing your Dashboard: The Saleslogix Dashboard is a great tool that allows for real-time insight into important information for all levels of an organization.  The Dashboard features Pipeline Analysis, Top Opportunities, Closed Sales to Date, Win/Loss analysis, Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), Product Sales Performance, Product Sales Opportunities, Calendar and Activity Views, Drill-down Analysis, Pre-built and Custom Reports.  With so many choices it is important that you are able to manage your Dashboard and find the information that is pertinent to you, and that is exactly what this section will focus on!

Recording Marketing Responses: When a marketing Campaign has been launched it is important for a Sales Rep to document the responses to the campaign so that marketing can best direct their efforts and create more potential sales.  As a Sales Manager it is important that you know how to document marketing responses and assist your sales team in documenting marketing responses as well.  The success of a campaign can be gauged by the percentage and quality of responses.  This section will center on tracking response information for a lead/contact.

Viewing a 30/60/90 day Pipeline:  The ability to accurately forecast and manage both your own and your sales team's opportunities is a feature available in Saleslogix.  You can accomplish this by viewing your pipeline in the 30/60/90 day views.  This section will walk you through the steps to view your 30/60/90 day pipeline.

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