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Brianna manages The Inbox, a blog where you'll find posts about cool, but not necessarily related, things going on in the tech industry. From cool apps to web 2.0 topics. You'll find a whole lot of useful info here. And of course, news about Customer FX.

  • Demystifying Saleslogix Updates

    Wednesday, September 24th at 2pm CDT. Updates to Saleslogix are great, they mean that as a product it continues to grow in features and improvements are made to fix flaws, but at the same time updates can be confusing. Trying to make sense of updates is an issue customers often come to us with - does this update fix a bug? Add a feature? Both? In this month's presentation we will demystify the steady stream of software updates produced by Saleslogix to bring some clarity to common questions: How do I know what updates are available for my system? How do I know where to get the updates? What are the different types of updates and what are they called? Which updates will impact my customizations and how can I tell? How do I make sense of the update documentation? Applying updates - what are the prerequisites and do I need to install them in order? Read more
  • Saleslogix Mobile v3.0.4 Now Available

    Find out what's changed. Saleslogix Mobile v3.0.4 is now available in the Customer Portal. The newest version removes the default #hashtag for all entities except Activities. You will also find that Lookup has become a persisistant field at the top of the list-view, you no longer need to access the Global menu on the right. Saleslogix Mobile v3.0.4 can be found in the following groups of in the Downloads area of the external portals: Read more
  • Infor Acquisition of Saleslogix Complete

    Message from Infor CEO Charles Phillips. Last night Infor sent out a message to Saleslogix Business Partners that the acquisition of Saleslogix by Infor is now complete. With that announcement also came a letter from the CEO of Infor, Charles Phillips. Here is an excerpt from that letter: "Through this acquisition, we believe you will benefit from the strength and stability of partnering with one of the largest enterprise application providers in the world, with a focus on product innovation and customer value, and a commitment to research and development. Infor realizes that transactions like these can create uncertainty for you. We want to assure you of Infor's continued commitment to your success and, as with Infor's prior product acquisitions, we are working hard to avoid disruptions in your service as a result of this change." You can read the entire letter here. Read more
  • Register for the Infor + Saleslogix Global Conference

    Last Chance for Early Bird Pricing. After the announcement of the planned acquisition of Saleslogix by Infor, many were left wondering if this year's Saleslogix Partner and Customer Global Conference would even take place. Not only will the conference go on as planned, all attendees will have the added benefit of meeting the Infor team and learning more about the product road map that Infor has planned. With all of the attention the acquisition is receiving from partners, customers, and analysts, it is expected that the conference will sell out. Haven't purchased your tickets yet? There is still time to take advantage of the early bird pricing of $549, but only until August 31st. After that time ticket prices go to the standard rate of $699. What are you waiting for? Read more
  • Saleslogix Acquisition by Infor FAQ

    More information about the transition. Today Swiftpage provided an FAQ for Business Partners to share with customers that have questions about the acquisition of Saleslogix by Infor. Concerns about Infor's vision for Saleslogix, the upcoming Saleslogix conference, changes to the branding, are among the many topics discussed. I have attached PDF so that yo may review all of the questions and answer. -Brianna Read more
  • Saleslogix Web Core Update 03 for Saleslogix v8.1

    Now available. The release of Saleslogix Web Core Update 03 has been pushed back a couple of times, but the wait is now over. The list of fixes in this update is extensive, fixing issues with the Query Builder, multi-select picklists, moving columns on reports, and so much more. I have attached the PDF with the full list of fixes for your reading pleasure. As usual you will find this update on the Customer Portal. If you have questions please contact your Saleslogix Business Partner. Read more
  • Swiftpage Webinar: Saleslogix Sync for Gmail

    Thursday, August 21st at 2pm ET. If you are interested in taking a look at the soon to be released Saleslogix Sync for Gmail, Swiftpage has you covered with a webinar August 21st. See more details below. -Brianna Read more
  • Join Us for a Look at the Next Release of Saleslogix Mobile

    Wednesday, August 20th at 2pm CDT A new version of Saleslogix Mobile - v3.1 - is in the works and with it's release will be an expanded feature set, improvements to the mobile platform, and changes to the currently existing functionality. Join as we cover features such as: Read more
  • The Saleslogix Health Checker Recording Now Available

    In case you missed it. Yesterday we held a webinar to take a look at the Saleslogix Health Checker, a new product that (currently in Beta) aims to help you identify issues with your Saleslogix install. Below is a recording: Read more
  • The Customer FX July 2014 Newsletter

    In case you missed it... Every month Customer FX puts out a newsletter, and if you are not on our mailing list you are missing out. Fortunately you will find the July 2014 newsletter attached to this post. And if you'd like to be included on our mailing list, please send a request to info@customerfx.com. Read more
  • Early Bird Registration Fees for the Saleslogix Global Conference

    Now through August 11, 2014. The Saleslogix Global Conference takes place November 2nd-5th, 2014 in Scottsdale, AZ, and this year the conference includes both partners and customers! Event highlights include: Read more
  • The Saleslogix Health Checker: A New Way to Identify Common Issues

    Identifying issues and improving the performance of your Saleslogix application is about to get much easier with the new Health Checker tool. This central application performs a variety of tests and checks related to your Saleslogix install. Join us this month as we cover the benefits of the Saleslogix Health Checker: Read more
  • Newly Updated Salelogix Compatiblility Guide

    Download available. There is a new Saleslogix Compatibility Guide available that anyone moving to Saleslogix v8.1, switching clients, and/or making other hardware or software changes should review. Attached you will find a copy of the new guide. Read more
  • Now Available: Web Core Update 07 for Saleslogix v8.0.0

    Download now! Visit the Saleslogix Customer Portal for the Saleslogix v8.0.0 Web Core Update 07. In this update you will find fixes for issues with Activities, particularly in relation to UTC. Additional fixes include using Literal’s in the Query Builder, fields/picklists not populating when browsing values and e-mail attachments only recording to one recipient. Reminder, Web Core updates are cumulative and include all fixes from previous updates. For a full list of resolved issues please see the Applying Guide. Web Core Update 07 can be found in the SLX - Updates - 8.0.x group in the Downloads area. -Brianna Read more
  • Saleslogix Customer Newsletter - July 2014

    Check out the July Newsletter sent out by Swiftpage. Read more
  • Saleslogix Xbar for Outlook Now Available for Version v8.x

    Contact your Business Partner. Saleslogix Xbar for v8.x is now available for download! If you are on a current Bronze (Maintenance only) plan or higher you can obtain Xbar by contacting your Business Partner. Take a look at the Beta 2 version will you wait to get your hands on the current release: Read more
  • Video: The Saleslogix Xbar for Outlook

    Sick of switching back and forth between Saleslogix and Outlook to perform common tasks such as looking up a history record or adding a new Opportunity? With the new Saleslogix Xbar you can now stay right in Outlook! Take a look at this new feature in action: Read more
  • The Top 5 Reasons You Need The Saleslogix Xbar

    Webinar Wednesday, June 18th at 2pm CDT. If you're like most Saleslogix users, you spend a fair amount of time switching back and forth between your Outlook email client and your Saleslogix client. At this point you are pretty used to it, but the Saleslogix xbar aims to change that. No longer do you need to switch back and forth between Saleslogix and Outlook, now you can stay in Outlook and still reap the benefits of Saleslogix. Join us this month as we present the top 5 reasons you need the Saleslogix xbar: Read more
  • Join Us for Exploring Search Options and Filters in Saleslogix v8

    Monday, June 2nd at 2pm CDT. The search options and filters in Saleslogix v8 are a great way to help you find the information you need, especially when you are wading through all of the possible sources of information available. That is why we created the workshop, "Saleslogix v8: Exploring Search Options and Filter" and if you haven't registered yet there is still time! Register now! Read more
  • Saleslogix v8.0.0 SNC Update 12 Now Available

    Another day, another update. Head out to the Saleslogix Customer Portal to get your hands on the latest update for Saleslogix v8.0.0 - SNC Update 12. Issues with duplicate record creation on Remote Databases upon creation due to an insert statement being returned are addressed with this update. The update also addresses two issues that were contained in SNC 07. You can find the full list of resolved issues in the Applying Guide and you can find SNC Update 12 in the SLX - Updates - 8.0.x group in the Downloads area of the Customer Portal. -Brianna Read more
  • Web Model Update 02 Now Available for Saleslogix v8.1

    Find it on the Saleslogix Customer Portal. This update addresses several issues using the Web Client in a localized environment. Additional fixes include unexpected behavior with Activity Synchronization and errors using Desktop Manager with Outlook Sync. With this update fixes to Desktop Manager are also included. To implement these fixes you do not need to apply the whole update, but can instead replace the Desktop Manager files only. More information on this is available in the Applying Guide. Don't forget, Web Model updates are cumulative and include all fixes from previous updates. You can find the full list of resolved issues in the Applying Guide. -Brianna Read more
  • New Saleslogix Promotion for Exisiting Customers

    License special. Now through June 30th, 2014 Swiftpage is running a Saleslogix license promotion: Read more
  • Salesfusion for Saleslogix Webcast Tomorrow

    Marketing automation at it's finest. There is still time to register for tomorrow's webinar, "Salesfusion: Marketing Automation for Saleslogix". Join us to learn how Salesfusion can help you to view form, survey, and landing page responses, view real-time performance of your website, create advanced workflows for lead management and lead scoring, and more! We will begin at 2pm CDT and hope you can make it! Read more
  • Customer FX May 2014 Newsletter

    Salesfusion: Fully Integrated Marketing Automation for Saleslogix Join us for a demo this Wednesday! If you've been looking for an automated marketing solution to attract new leads, convert leads to customers, nurture lifelong relationships, and integrate with Saleslogix, look no further than Salesfusion. Working with Saleslogix v7.5.2 and above, this is the only marketing automation platform that is fully integrated right out of the box. Benefits of using Salesfusion include: Read more
  • Salesfusion: Marketing Automation for Saleslogix

    If you've been looking for an automated marketing solution to attract new leads, convert leads to customers, nurture lifelong relationships, and integrate with Saleslogix, look no further than Salesfusion. Working with Saleslogix v7.5.2 and above, this is the only marketing automation platform that is fully integrated right out of the box. Benefits of using Salesfusion include: 100% Pre-built integration – no middleware. All marketing data from campaigns is synced with lead and contact records. Create and launch email campaigns from inside Saleslogix. View web activity by lead, contact, and account inside Saleslogix. View forms, survey, and landing page responses. View real-time performance of your website. Create advanced workflows for lead management and lead scoring. Send email campaigns to Saleslogix dynamic groups. Fully integrated to LAN & Web versions. Join us on Wednesday, May 21st at 2pm CDT for a demonstration of Salesfusion by special presenter Erik Tavenner of Swiftpage. Read more
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