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Brianna manages The Inbox, a blog where you'll find posts about cool, but not necessarily related, things going on in the tech industry. From cool apps to web 2.0 topics. You'll find a whole lot of useful info here. And of course, news about Customer FX.

  • Did You Miss the Saleslogix and Google Demo?

    Recording now available. If you missed yesterday's demonstration of Saleslogix v8.1 and Google integration, the recording is now available on the Customer FX YouTube channel. The release of this new feature is right around the corner, possibly before the end of April, and is meant to expand your email options when working in Saleslogix. Read more
  • Customer FX April 2014 Newsletter

    Don't forget about tomorrow's webinar! Every month Customer FX puts out a news letter highlighting webinars, Saleslogix training, and Saleslogix news. If you aren't on the mailing list you can still take a look at our newsletter, just click on the attachment to this post. If you'd like to be included in our newsletter list send your request to info@customerfx.com. And if you haven't registered for tomorrow's Saleslogix and Google integration webinar you can do so here. -Brianna Read more
  • Saleslogix v8.1 Known Issues

    New document released. A list was recently release by Swiftpage detailing known defects for Saleslogix v8.1. These known issues will be resolved by the Swiftpage support team in future Web and SNC update. Attached you'll find the detailed list of defects. Read more
  • Working With the Duplicate Wizard in Saleslogix v8

    Watch the tutorial. Finding duplicate records in Saleslogix is never a good thing, but luckily you can use the Duplicate Wizard to clean up your v8 database. Watch this tutorial to learn how: Read more
  • Saleslogix Q2 Promotions

    Promotions for both new and existing customers. Whether you are looking at a Saleslogix purchase, or you've been using Saleslogix for years, there are a few Q2 promotions that you may make sense for you. Existing Customer Promotions: Read more
  • Saleslogix Customer Newsletter

    Now being distributed Quarterly. If you missed out on the Saleslogix April 2014 newsletter you can check out a copy below. If you would like to get on the Saleslogix mailing list talk to your Business Partner. Read more
  • New Feature Spotlight: Saleslogix v8.1 and Google Integration

    Saleslogix integration is going to the next level with the upcoming release of the the Saleslogix Google integration feature. Besides giving you the option of replacing Outlook for sending and receiving emails, Google integration allows for contact and calendar 2-way sync, which happens on a server using SDATA and Google's API. Register for this month's webinar and see this integration in action: Email – For new emails within Gmail, set a Tag (Gmail label) to “Record Saleslogix”. This copies the email to the Saleslogix Contact history. You can also label any email in your Gmail inbox to “Record Saleslogix” which creates the history record. After the sync happens, it updates the label to “Recorded in Saleslogix”. Contacts – Syncs in both directions based off of an Ad-hoc contacts group. Calendar – Events sync in both directions. Read more
  • Demo Recording - The Saleslogix v8.1 Outlook Sidebar

    See this soon to be released feature in action. If you were unable to join us for last weeks webinar, "New Feature Spotlight: The Saleslogix v8.1 Outlook Sidebar", you now have the opportunity to see what this new feature can do and how it works. Read more
  • New Updates Available for Saleslogix Versions 8.0 and 8.1

    Find them on the Customer Portal. Saleslogix v8.0 Web Model Update 06 is now available and addresses several issues with the install of the Desktop Manager, particularly with Internet Explorer 10. Other resolved areas include mail merge templates, SData Order By command, dashboard widgets and Activities. Saleslogix v8.1 also has a Web Model Update - update 01! This update takes care of several localization and branding issues throughout the Web Client. Additional resolved areas include an error message when editing a Contact's name and issues with Outlook Sync. Don't forget - Web Core updates are cumulative and include all fixes from previous updates. You can find the complete list of fixes in the Applying Guide. -Brianna Read more
  • Webinar: The Saleslogix v8.1 Outlook Sidebar

    There is still time to register! Tomorrow, March 26th, at 2pm CDT we will hold a webinar that will focus on a new feature for Saleslogix v8.1 - the Outlook Side Bar. The newest improvement for Saleslogix will allow you to work directly from Outlook (if you so choose) to complete common tasks such as creating new contacts and leads, edit and add contact details, view a timeline of a contact's history, and more! If you haven't registered yet there is still time. Read more
  • Whitelist Saleslogix Communications

    Ensure Swiftpage emails are reaching you. If you haven't been receiving Saleslogix communications you aren't alone. Many customers and Business Partners have been having issues with Swiftpage emails, and if you haven't already, you should add Saleslogix to your whitelist. The way to do this varies by email client, but the the following information should be added to your address book and email whitelist (you also need to contact your System Administrator to provide them the information below): Read more
  • SNC Update 16 Available for Saleslogix v8.0

    Several fixes for the Windows client. Resolved areas include several fixes to Groups and the Query Builder, Calendar & Activity views and Outlook integration. Defect 13094308, when highlighting a record in the Opportunity List View and the text becomes white, has been resolved in this update. Read more
  • New Feature Spotlight: The Saleslogix v8.1 Outlook Sidebar

    If you enjoy working in Outlook, and prefer not to leave it, then the Saleslogix v8.1 Outlook Sidebar is the feature for you. This new feature allows you to work on many common tasks right from within your Outlook desktop. Join us this month as we show you what the Saleslogix Outlook Sidebar can do: Read more
  • New Release of the Saleslogix Compatibility Guide

    March 2014 edition now available. Swiftpage just released the newest edition of the Saleslogix Compatibility guide to bring you the most up to date information about compatibility guidelines for Saleslogix v7.5 through v8.1. If you have questions about hardware, operating systems, browsers, email, etc., then this is exactly what you need. You can find the newest version as an attachment to this post. Read more
  • Saleslogix Mobile v3.0.2 is now available for Saleslogix v8.0.0!

    Download now! The latest version of Saleslogix Mobile used to only be available for customers running Saleslogix v8.1, but that has changed and now users on Saleslogix v8.0 have access to the latest and greatest version of the Saleslogix Mobile platform! Saleslogix Mobile 3.0.2 includes fixes to defaulting to the currently logged in user creating Ticket Activities and saving changes to the Activity Leader, iOS users can now view all pages of a .pdf attachment, and removes the required field setting for Account when editing a personal Activity that does not have an Account. Read more
  • Web Core 06 Update Available for Saleslogix v8.0

    The updates keep coming. Swiftpage has been steadily rolling out the updates for the last couple weeks to correct known issues. The newest update, Web Core 06 for Saleslogix v8.0, addresses several issues with the Sales Order Snapshot Grand Total not updating, group layout, behavior and performance, and a defect limiting the Calendar to only display up to 35 recurring Activities. Don't forget - Web Core updates are cumulative and include all fixes from previous updates. Go out to the Customer Portal for access and more information. Read more
  • Learn How to Manage Your Saleslogix Dashboard

    Free workshop Monday, February 24th at 2pm CST. Join us for our Saleslogix Dashboard workshop and learn about features such as KPI's, pipeline analysis, and top opportunities available to you and how to manage these features within the Dashboard. Register now! Read more
  • Now Available - SNC Update 11 for Saleslogix v8.0

    SpeedSearch and index corrections. If you are running Saleslogix v8.0 and are experiencing issues with SpeedSearch included deleted records, and/or the index for attachments with files names that include a quote ("), head out to the customer portal for SNC Update 11. Attached is the resolved issues list for the update. Read more
  • Customer FX February 2014 Newsletter

    Saleslogix news and free training! If you're not on the Customer FX newsletter list, you're missing out! Each month we bring you information about Saleslogix and related products, a list of upcoming free training sessions, and a chance to sign up for our monthly product focused webinar. Email brianna.ojard@customerfx.com if you would like to be included in future mailings. In case you missed it, attached is the February 2014 Newsletter. Read more
  • Saleslogix Business Care

    Updated datasheet. Swiftpage recently updated the Saleslogix Business Care datasheet, and if you are wondering what benefits are available at the different tiers, this is a handy sheet to have. The updated sheet reflects Swiftpage's new datasheet template and the new Saleslogix branding. Check out the attachment to learn more. Read more
  • SNC Update 01 Now Available for Saleslogix v8.1

    And information about changes to Crystal Reports. Head out to the Saleslogix Customer Portal to get the Saleslogix v8.1 SNC Update 01. Addressed in this update are several issues with the Outlook Sync configuration. You will also find a fix for localization issues with special characters not displaying or components being displayed in English and not the localized language. Swiftpage has also made a document available regarding Saleslogix v8.1 and Crystal Reports, you can read about Crystal Reports changes here.. Attached is full list of issues fixed by SNC Update 01. -Brianna Read more
  • Saleslogix v8.1 Core Update 01

    Available now! If you'd like to get your hands on Web Core Update 01 for Saleslogix v8.1, head out to the Customer Portal. Many issues are addressed with this update, including issues with the Query Builder and corrects several localization issues with special characters not displaying or components being displayed in English and not the localized language. See attachment for a complete list of resolved issues. Read more
  • Demystifying the Saleslogix Data Import Wizard

    Bringing data into Saleslogix is something that most companies will need to do on occasion, and for some importing is a regular event. This month we explore the capabilities of the Saleslogix Import Wizard, an out of the box application that can be used for importing data from ACT! and other commonly used file formats. Join us as we take you through: Read more
  • Saleslogix Duplicate Wizards Workshop

    Monday, February 10th at 2pm CST. No one likes to find duplicates in Saleslogix, but no matter how careful you are entering accounts and contacts a duplicate inevitably sneaks through. To keep your database clean and easy to use, the Duplicate Wizard is something with which you should become familiar. Join us next Monday to learn about the options available in the Duplicate Wizard and how to use them. Read more
  • Using Joins in Saleslogix Web and Saleslogix Cloud

    On demand training. This video is an oldie, but a goodie, and will explain 3 different joins and how they are used: Read more
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