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Kris Halsrud on development and Integration with CRM and Development

May 2008 - Posts

  • SalesLogix and Auto-incrementing Table IDs

    Introduced in SalesLogix 6.2.1, SalesLogix offers the ability to define a field as an auto-incrementing field. This means that if you perform an insert, connecting through the SalesLogix OLE DB Provider, and leave off the field that is set as an auto... Read more
  • SQL Performance Tuning for SalesLogix Part II

    In my last post, I talked about how you can look at a specific screen or query and analyze it using the SQL index tuning wizard. But what happens if you don't know which screen or query are causing issues? Well there are two additional ways you can monitor the system at a higher level to gain insight into the activity occurring against the SQL database. Read more
  • SQL Performance Tuning for SalesLogix

    OK, so my first post on the Integration Blog, isn't exactly about integrations but it is something I have been working with lately and have had some questions about so I thought it was a good jumping off point. With SalesLogix and its ability to extend the database structure to support customizations it often grows in scope beyond what was originally designed, as far as the SQL back end is concerned. It is important to consider what the implications on server performance are when adding large data tables that require extensive lookup or query activity against them. SQL utilizes indexes to increase search performance. Without properly designed indexes on large data sets, SQL performance on a system can be decreased enough to cause a system wide slow down in applications utilizing the SQL server. Read more
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