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Email Marketing for Saleslogix

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Integrated With Saleslogix

Swiftpage is a full service, hosted email marketing solution that is integrated into Saleslogix. Never leave your familiar application and send to the contacts you want to send to with a single click.

And Saleslogix Campaigns Too.  And Leads.  And Groups.

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Use Swiftpage servers instead of your ISP

Use Swiftpage's powerful servers instead of your ISP to eliminate the hassle and worry of send limit restrictions. Always know your email will be delivered no matter the size of your list. We also make sure to white-list ourselves with major ISP's to ensure deliverability of your email campaign. Press send and get on with the rest of your day.

Send directly from your application

Swiftpage is different than traditional email marketing services as we fully integrate into the everyday applications you use to run your business. Take away the hassle of exporting lists from your database and importing them into the email sending engine. Swiftpage has a fully integrated solution for the most popular database applications. Simply press the Swiftpage button within your application and Swiftpage handles all of the sending on our servers (not your ISP), manages suppression, compiles all reporting data and presents to you the most interested contacts in your email campaign based on their interaction with your campaign. See supported applications to the left.

Open, Click and Bounce Reports

Swiftpage provides all the typical email campaign reporting through a graphical interface, including opens, clicks, forwards, opt-outs, bounced, duplicates and more, but takes it one step further. Swiftpage not only provides this excellent campaign level reporting, but we bring it all the way to the individual level and create a score for each contact based on their interaction with your email campaign. Swiftpage understands the sales cycle and is constantly looking to streamline this process. We assume a contact that opens your email 4 times, click on 6 links, and forwards it to 5 people, is more interested than a contact that opens your email one time and doesn't click on anything. Swiftpage provides a call-list based on this interaction data, qualifying your contacts for you.

Automatically manages opt-outs to keep you legal

Swiftpage is a fully integrated CAN SPAM compliant email marketing solution. If your email campaign recipients opt-out of your email campaign, by law you cannot email them again. In order to remove any legal worry, Swiftpage handles all of the opt-out notifications. Do you have more than one user sharing the same database? No problem, Swiftpage allows multiple users to share the same templates and manages the suppression file across all users on the account.

Survey Creation and Registration Tool

Swiftpage is interested in helping you create the most value and qualification from your current contact list. To help facilitate this process, Swiftpage has built a survey tool that allows you to create surveys to gather valuable customer data to help further segment and re-target with specific, highly relevant email campaigns. Use surveys to build your database on your website, gather RSVP data for a webcast or other event, but most importantly, use surveys to learn about your customers needs. Create surveys with our simple survey creation tool and start qualifying your customers immediately.

Centralized Publishing Solution

Have more than one user on your account? Are you a franchise business owner with a number of district representatives? Create your marketing content in one place and publish the templates through Swiftpage's publishing engine to any or all users within your account. All they will have to do is select the template and list they would like included in the campaign and press send all of their custom information (logos, contact information, etc) will be included in the template. Keep control over your branding, provide content for your team and start closing more business.

Send 1 to 100,000 emails at once

With a single click, send to one or thousands of email recipients. No send limit restrictions or long loading period. Swiftpage's powerful servers will quickly upload your list and deliver your email to as many contacts as you would like. Send directly from the database you store your contacts and eliminate the export import hassle of moving lists between applications.

Online Template Editor with 65+ pre-built templates

Hitting a creative roadblock? Not to worry, Swiftpage provides an extensive, ever growing template library to help get the creative juices flowing. Choose from season to situational templates that will add further relevance to your content. Use Swiftpage's simple online editor to arrange and add content. Lucky enough to have a designer on board that creates HTML templates for you? Terrific! Import any HTML templates for sending through Swiftpage's powerful servers.

Download and sign up  for a free 30 day trial - click here!

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