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The SalesLogix Opportunity Reports (Part 1)

There are nine Opportunity Reports that come with a standard SalesLogix implementation.  I thought we would cover only four of them today and the other five within the week.

The first is the Competitor By Opportunity Status report.  This report uses the condition filter fields of AccountManagerID and Estimated Close.  When you run the report you are presented with two parameters. The first asks what Opportunity Status do want to report against, this includes a values of All.  Warning, these parameter values are typed in so if you have custom values for Opportunity Status then you will have to update the report. The second parameter is whether you want the graph to display or not.  Some of the information provided could be confusing, the column on the left is the Competitor Name and Count is how many deals they are involved in. This report was updated, see how and download for free.

Next is the Forecast by Account Manager, this report uses the condition filter fields of AccountManagerID and Estimated Close.  When you run the report you are promoted to answer two report parameters.  

There are a couple of issues with the parameters, the first parameter asks you if you want to see the statistics for each Account, it should actually read for each User.  You will see in the screen shot that the data is User based, not Account.  Next the second parameter asks if you want to display the graph, it displays the graph with either the "Yes" or "No" selection.  This issue exists because the suppress formula is for the report footer B which contains nothing for the report. The graph is actually located in Group Header 1 and that is where the suppress formula should written to.

There are two other items that could be adjusted to make the report a little tighter.  The Est. Close Date field could be formatted to display just the date.  Also, where the Account is displayed in header of group 2, we could set that section of the report to underlay the detail section which would bring the Account name in line with the Opportunity data for that line.  See how this report was updated by following this link.  Here is the screen shot:

The Opportunity By Account uses the condition fields of Modifyuser and ModifyDate.  The data in the report seems in line with what I would expect.  I see the same issue with the Est. Close Date field and I would work the Sales Potential percent sign into the report using a formula field just to make things look a little better.   Read on how this report was updated by foloowing this link.

With the Opportunity Detail  we see the use of the AccountManagerID and ModifyDate as the condition fields.  When running the report you are provided with a number of parameters.  What is nice is that each parameter defaults to the positive answer which makes running the report faster.  

The first thing I notice when the report opened the report is written to the width of portrait but saved in landscape leaving a lot of white space on the right side. This could be adjusted by tightening up the Opportunity header information and formatting the date fields correctly then resetting the page set up.  I like the way the report holds each group together so there is no doubt what section of the report you are on.  I see some of the sub report data gets cut off on the right side.  This report can be really long so I will just show the first couple section for this one Opportunity.  This report was also updated, follow this link to see how.


 That's it for today, the list of fixes is getting longer.  I hope every one was safe over the new year holiday.  See you later this week. 

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The orginal post was written using a 7.2.2 version of SalesLogix and I am happy to report that the 7.5.1 version of this report was updated fixing the date formatting issue. The percent sign for probability was also addressed by simply adding the percent

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As we continue adjusting the Crystal report that come with a standard implementation of Sage SalesLogix

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