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Supportive Commitment, that is the Customer FX way

This may be my last blog for a couple of weeks. 

Most of you probably do not know this but I am a First Sergeant in the Minnesota National Guards and tomorrow I start the Two Weeks portion of my year.  As of May 1, 2009  I have 25 years on the books serving the National Guard and the US Army and this will be my 20th Annual Training.  In the 9 years I have worked at Customer FX I been activated 2 times for state duty and deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, including a 16 month deployment to Iraq.  I bring this to you because it is only through the support of employers like Customer FX that soldiers can serve.  Customer FX has taken the brunt of my career activations and deployments.  Each time Dave and Kim have said two things to me, "No problem - when will you be back" and "Be Careful". 

As I returned home from Iraq there was no doubt I still had a job. A lot of things had changed while I was away and Customer FX has stood by me as I adapted to what is now commonly called the "New Normal".

It is nice to work for such a supportive company and I am proud to say I work at Customer FX

If I get some free time I will try to get in a post.  Until then, know that everyone at Customer FX is here to support you in getting your CRM system in shape and performing to the level you need.  All you have to do is ask.

Until next time, keep smilingSmile

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About George Jensen

   George Jensen is a Senior Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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