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Can we delete the Sales dashboard for all users, and rename and customize the "My Dashboard" to some standard name which normal users cannot change?


Our web client has 2 dashboards that seems to have been created automatically for us: My Dashboard, and Sales.  It seems users cannot customize or add content to these dashboards, but have to create their own dashboard in order to customize them.  If that's the case, can we delete the Sales dashboard for all users, and rename and customize the "My Dashboard" to some standard name which normal users cannot change?


 Dashboards are SalesLogix plugins. If you open the SalesLogix Architect (not Application Architect but the standard Architect) as admin. You can then access these plugins to control releases.

In the architect:
Go to the menu Manage…Plugins
In the Choose Plugin dilaog, in the “Type” filter, select “Dashboard Page”.
You will see the two default pages. You can right click and select Release plugin to remove releases (or add them).

To rename the “My Dashboard” dashboard you can either log into the web client as admin and Edit the tab (right click choose Edit Options) and then re-release or you can simply run this SQL statement:
update plugin set name=’New Name Dashboard’ where type = 36 and name = ‘My Dashboard’


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