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I want to create a calculated field that does a simple multiplication of two existing SalesLogix fields.


I want to create a calculated field that does a simple multiplication of two existing SLX fields.

The fields are "Revenue" and "Premium Factor"...both are SLX fields that I can reference in query.

I just need to know how I can multiply the two fields to get the result. Not sure if this needs to be done via script or what.

I have some experience in Visual Basic, but the properties control toolbox does not function the same.



You could use Calculated field.

Log in to the Architect as Admin
From the Manage menu, click on Calculated Fields

To add a Calculated Field:
1- Click Add.
2- Click the Properties tab.
3- Enter a Name and an Alias, then select a Base Table and a Calculation Type. Enter a Description if you want to have a longer description of the field available.
4- Click the Calculation tab.
5- Determine if the values you want to use for the calculated field are in the selected Base Table. The table displayed in the upper list view is based on the table you selected in the Properties tab. If not, you may want to change the base table rather than create a join. Return to the Properties tab if you need to change the base table.
a) Click a field in the list view and drag the field into the lower list view. Click + or - to expand or collapse the list of tables and fields. This is the first field in the calculation.
b) Click an operator if you are creating a numeric calculation. You must insert an operator between fields in a numeric calculation.
c) You can use brackets to group calculations. To insert a bracket, place your cursor in the calculation where you want to insert a bracket and click a bracket button. You must have both a beginning and ending bracket.
d) If it is a string, you do not need to pick an operator, but you may want to insert a space the sake of appearance.

6- Click another field in the list view and drag the field into the lower list view or enter an integer. Vertical bars separate one field from another.
7- You can continue dragging fields as necessary to build the calculated field until you have included everything.
8- Click OK.
9- Click Close.

Also, on both the Architect and Admin, you could search on the Help for Calculated Field and will find additional info about it.


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