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Check out the New Sage SalesLogix Mobile. SalesLogix iPhone? Yes. SalesLogix iPad? Yes. SalesLogix Android? Yes. SalesLogix Blackberry? Yes. No extra charge for SalesLogix customers? Of course not.

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SalesLogix Mobile 7.5.4 includes automatic history record creation

During last month’s “Sage SalesLogix v7.5.4 Deep Dive” Partner Webcast, there was a chat question about recording activities to history inside of the New Sage SalesLogix Mobile product. We have an updated response to share with you. When you click a contact’s phone number or e-mail address, your mobile device invokes its native phone or mail application. When you return to SalesLogix Mobile following the call or e-mail, the application displays a related “Record to History” screen, which allows you to enter details about the activity. This new history record appears in the Notes/History tab for future retrieval. To use the Record to History feature, you must access Sage SalesLogix Mobile from within your mobile device’s native browser application. Please note that for e-mail activities, SalesLogix Mobile does not save the contents of the actual e-mail message. Only the notes that you enter on the “Record to History” screen will be saved to the history record.  

For more Sage SalesLogix Mobile tips like these, check out the Explore Sage SalesLogix Mobile training video, available to watch from your mobile device. Find more details on the Sage SalesLogix Training blog.

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