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ERP Link v3.0 for SalesLogix and MAS 500

Available soon!

Sage has announced that ERP Link v3.0 for SalesLogix and MAS 500 went to Release to Manufacturing yesterday and will soon be available to the public.

This release could allow you to leverage the integration between SalesLogix and MAS 500 by gaining a complete view of important customer interactions, eliminate duplicate entries, give your front office users accurate, timely information, save the back office the hassle of inquiries, and best of all improve your customer experience with better customer service.  Features include:

  • Accounting Information
  • Historical Invoices and Orders
  • Payments/Receipts
  • Product Information and Inventory
  • Sales Orders
  • Queries and Reports
  • Configuration and Customization Options
  • Synchronization

I have also attached a white paper published by Sage the goes into the details of the features in this release.  Talk to your business partner for more information and system requirements or contact us.


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