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Sage SalesLogix Reinstatement Program Announced

No longer have an active Sage SalesLogix Maintenance plan? Here’s an easy and cost-effective option for getting you back on the latest version of Sage SalesLogix!  Contact Customer FX for all the details on this unprecedented offer!

Program Details

  1. Receive a discount on Maintenance and Support for the first year of your reinstatement.
  2. Sage will apply 10% of the reinstatement fee and your first year of reinstated maintenance and support to be used to-wards professional services provided your Sage SalesLogix Business Partner of record.
  3. Migrate your system to the SalesLogix Cloud Edition for a low monthly fee

Through the reinstatement program:
• Take advantage of a reduced rate for Sage SalesLogix, reserved for loyal customers like yourself.
• Upgrade to the current version of Sage SalesLogix and enjoy the latest features and enhancements.
• Receive Technical Support for your Sage SalesLogix solution from our trained support staff.

Why upgrade to the latest version of Sage SalesLogix?
Sage SalesLogix v7.5.2 delivers a solution that is as unique as your business with flexible deployment options, powerful lead management tools, simplified data management, and greater personalization.

A Comprehensive Web CRM Solution delivering Anytime, Anywhere access to your CRM data, whether you are connected or disconnected.

Powerful Lead Management Tools to streamline importing and processing leads, ensuring that your leads are delivered to the right person, right away.

Enhanced Usability and a new, modern Web interface, combined with simplified management of your CRM data, gives you greater ease-of-use and
increased user adoption.

Improved Customization and Administration, coupled with Web 2.0 technologies, bring you CRM that works the way you do.solve your software problems.

Your CRM, Your Way. Through a user-controlled personalized welcome page, mashups with external data sources, and cutting edge timeline
visualization, Sage SalesLogix v7.5 offers you greater personalization capabilities.

Maintenance and Support Plan Options
ClassicCare Maintenance
A reliable maintenance plan for businesses that want to keep their systems
running on the latest software. The ClassicCare Maintenance plan is less
expensive than purchasing version upgrades separately—a great low-cost
alternative to meet your business needs.
ClassicCare Support
Resolve your toughest technical software cases! Whether you require
frequent support or occasional assistance, Customer Support is here to
meet your needs and promptly solve your software problems.

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About Scott Weber

   Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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