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Solution Samples

See some solutions that we've built for customers. The samples featured here are real-world, production systems designed and developed by Customer FX. We take pride in our work. Contact us about any of these solutions listed here - or for your own.

SalesLogix Deployment with Custom Quoting Interface and MAS 500 Integration

A client came to us looking to upgrade their existing SalesLogix implementation in conjunction with an upgrade to their back office accounting system from MAS 90 to MAS 500.  These upgrades were to also coincide with a complete evaluation and re-implementation of corporate business processes.

From the SalesLogix perspective the client was looking for a solution that eliminated the need for users to switch between applications.  The client was currently running SalesLogix 6.1 with the separate support client.  In the course of a day the users needed to use the SalesLogix support client for ticketing and RMAs, the SalesLogix sales client for all customer and opportunity related actions, and the MAS 90 client for creating quotes.  Other systems were also used for asset management and R&D and defect tracking.

With these disparate systems, it required the users to constantly switch applications they were working in.  It also required re-keying data in multiple locations.  This was causing data entry errors and causing tasks to take too long. 

In the client’s business their sales reps are producing high volumes of quotes that are sent to customers.  These quotes act as a sales order.  If a customer wants to purchase an order, they send the quote back in with payment information.  These orders were forwarded to an order entry person who entered the order in the accounting system and then made paper copies that were sent to accounts receivable as well as to the sales reps.  In the current system these quotes could take upwards of an hour to produce a completed quote that was ready to be sent to a customer.  All quotes had to be created in the accounting system.  This required all prospects that requested quotes be entered into the accounting system.  Outputting the quotes then also involved either printing and faxing the quote or exporting the data from MAS.  Once exported, the data would be transposed into a desired format (typically Word or Excel) and saved to disk.  After saving, the user would then open an email, find the saved file and attaching it to email.

Customer FX was involved in performing a comprehensive assessment of the business requirements and objectives.  As part of this system planning it was decided that SalesLogix should become a true one-stop client that users could use to accomplish all of their needed tasks from initial marketing and lead generation, through the sales process, and into post sale customer support and service.  In order to accomplish this goal SalesLogix would need to seamlessly integrate with the MAS 500 accounting system, as well as providing access to legacy accounting data that would be maintained in a data warehouse.

The following identifies the various areas that were evaluated and customized for the client.  Links on these topics will take you to a specific article highlighting the details of the particular solution created for the process

Marketing - Campaign Management

  • Testimonials
  • Adding discounts tied to campaigns auto creates response
  • Associating Library documents to Campaigns 

Account and Contact Management

  •             Customer Integrations

Template Types

                        Consolidated back office data visibility

                        Credit Hold

                        SalesLogix to MAS 500 customer updates

  •             Expanded Address capabilities

                       Residential Flag

Address Tax Schedules

                        Postal Code Lookup

                        Account Manager Auto-assignment

Local Time display on Contact

Opportunity Management

  • Opportunity Pricing
  • Manual override of Sales Potential
  • Linking to Quotes
  • Custom Product Interface

MAS to SalesLogix Product Integration

  • Standard Products
  • BTO Kits
  • Base Pricing
  • Comment Products
  • Manage Product Interface


            New Main View

                        Detail View Functionality

                                    Copy Quote

                                    Print Preview


                                    Split View

                                    Email Quote

                                    Fax Quote

                                    Approve Quote

                                    Calculate Total

                                    Process Orders

Comment Products integration with editable comments

                                                Account, Contact, Address Creation and Updating

                        Quote tabs

                                    Quote Comments

                                    Quote Billing Information

                                    Quote Shipping Information

                                    Quote Discounts


                                    Quote Products

                                                Select Products


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