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Good Training

Delivered by Experts Who Also Teach.

All of our training is delivered by a team that's been working their craft an average of 11.2 years with Customer FX.  Our training goes way beyond the textbook and into the real world.

Users.  Developers.  Administrators.  Managers. 

We deliver training for all types of users.

Agile Delivery

Delivered Online.  Or Onsite. 

We'll deliver training anyway you'd like.  Use our classroom or yours.  Travel is no problem, but we're adept at delivering training online using GoToMeeting for smaller groups and GoToWebinar for larger groups.

One Hour.  One Day.  One Week.

We're agile and can deliver just what you need, when you need it.  We'll work with you to create the exact class or workshop to deliver what you need.

Mentoring Too!

Can't find a class on the specific topic you need help on?  Just need help figuring something out?  No problem.  1-1 mentoring is a very popular service with our clients.  We can just sit down and help you figure it out.

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