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Development with Agility

Better to Show than Tell.

You be the judge as to whether Customer FX is the right Partner for your organization.  Check out examples of our work in the Customer FX Labs.  There you'll find packaged software (our Lab Graduates), current Beta Projects - some for download, and real life projects in Solution Samples.

The Right Tools for the Job

C#  - Web Services - SQL - Visual Studio - RSS - Ajax - Java - HTML - .NET - Social Frameworks - Flash - Silverlight

The Right Approach

It All Depends on You.

 Every organization is different.  The objective is to choose the best fit for you.

  • Agile Development - Add a senior Developer to your Agile team.
  • Traditional Projects - We can manage your project from requirements through deployment.
  • Training and Mentoring - The fastest route to being self-sufficient.

How about we start with "What's best for you?"

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