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Customer FX Agile Business Model

Our business model revolves around helping our clients develop and execute strategies and projects designed for specific business objectives.

Agile Delivery

We're not interested in "selling" a specific methodology as the "right" way to meet your objectives.

Each client has a unique culture, unique model and unique objectives and constraints.  Besides, we've found that execution is the single biggest factor in the success of a project, not the chosen methodology.  We've seen all types and variations succeed:

  • Traditional Approach
  • Agile Approach
  • Knowledge Transfer Approach
  • Outsourced Approach
  • The Free Approach (seriously!  call Dave for info)

Our team can work with you in a variety of ways, each viable depending on your organization and needs.  We've been together so long, and done so many projects, that we've experienced success with several approaches.  Let's figure out the right approach for your project.

Agile Relationships

What you're about to read may seem a little off the wall, but please don't write us off just yet.

This concept is real, and working today.

Each Organization is Unique.  Now, while every company is unique for sure, and each has many unique requirements, you might be surprised at the processes, work flows, and needs shared by organizations we talk with every day.  There are many core business functions shared by those in similar industries, or even different industries with similar business models.  Most do not compete because they are regional, target different niches, or from different industries.

But Why Reinvent the Wheel?  The question is, why do firms like ours propose and deliver one-off solutions to these common problems?  They deliver one-off solutions because they engage with clients one at a time.  It's that simple.  But what if we could work with more than one client on a solution?  Could this lead to an exponential reduction in cost to you, our client?  And what if put skin in the game?

A True Agile Story.  We had 2 clients, regional medical equipment distributors who also provide field service, come to us in need of a solution to better manage the assets owned by their clients, as well as their field service operations.  They are not competitors due to the regional nature of their business.  They have the exact same business models, and very similar business processes.  Why reinvent the wheel?  We proposed a three way split of the project costs:

  • Client 1 invested 1/3 of the cost
  • Client 2 invested 1/3 of the cost
  • Customer FX invested 1/3 of the cost

Each client saved 66% on a solution that neither alone had the budget for, and we have a product to take to market.  Of course this is speculative on our part, but along with the 1/3 contribution to the project, that's our skin in the gameThat's agile business.  And that's just one example of an Agile Relationship.

Agile Pricing

OK, let's get this out of the way up front - we do not have the lowest hourly rates for our services.

Given the experience and skill level of our team, that would be impossible.  However, if this fact does not disqualify us from partnering with you, read on, because there may be hope.

The Rate Game.  For sure, services rates are a relevant factor when choosing a partner.  Given the same skill level, same experience level, same quality deliverable, why wouldn't you choose the provider with a lower rate?  I would, for sure.

Rate vs. Cost.  Here's a real life mini case study - a new client came to us looking to replace a quoting solution another firm had built for them in SalesLogix.  The solution we replaced contained 3,000 line of code.  Our solution, based on code from our library, consisted of 300 lines of code.

Fortunately, you don't have to choose.  In our business, resource utilization predictability is the holy grail, bench-time the bane.  In addition to the very low cost Free and Knowledge Transfer Approaches above, and the Agile Relationships above, when you partner with us on our subscription, retainer or managed services programs, you get the best combination of price and expertise.

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