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E-marketing on the SalesLogix Cloud Edition

This procedure requires a Swiftpage Account and Swiftpage username and password. If you do not have an account go to www.Swiftpage.com and open a new account. Now use the Application Architect to install the required web bundle, SageSalesLogixEmarketing_v7.5.2.16_Web.zip, for Saleslogix Version 7.5.2 or SageSalesLogixEmarketing_v7.5.2.18_Web.zip for SalesLogix Version 7.5.3. After you have logged into the SalesLogix Cloud with RDP use the Application Architect to install the Web bundle. If you have not installed the LAN version of E-marketing make sure you turn on the schema so your tables and forms are created. After the installation make sure to run the build interfaces, rebuild web platform and then deploy the portal. After these three tasks have completed open the slxclient as administrator and open the Options. In the Options you will now see an E-marketing tab where you can set up your Account. Once you have added the Account Name, Account Password, and set up the Primary user and Swiftpage user hit next and your account will be successfully setup!
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