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Deployment of the SalesLogix 7.5.2 Disconnected Web Client

What we are looking at today is one aspect of the entire Disconnected Web Client piece. We will assume that the remote users have already been created and the appropriate synchronization rules are in place as well as a remote database has been installed on each remote users system. Now that the fundamental requirements are in place, our deployment is in order. When we ran through the steps to deploy the Disconnected Web Client it looked just like all of the other deployments - configure your settings, pick your unique port, save, and deploy. Well those steps were proven to be inadequate. What must be done is to configure your settings, select your port, and make sure you use the deploy all option under the Disconnected Web Client main screen. Then the deployment actually ran correctly and put the personal web server files in the slxlogs subfolder and they in turn did sync out to the remote client. After those files are synced the personal web server is available for use against the remote db.
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