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Intellisync Tips for SalesLogix 7.5.x Web Clients

I recently assisted a number of users that were unable to get Intellisync to configure or sync correctly. Here are some of the issues and fixes we used.

The most prevalent issue was "Nokia Intellesync Sync Application has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience."  A simple fix for this problem is to alter the sync settings and "Sync Only Future Items".  This will clear up most sync issues.  For the few that are still unable to sync we went into the Intellisync logs and looked to see if the problem was Outlook files or SalesLogix files.  Usually the problem stems from a corrupt Outlook record which can be difficult to pinpoint.  Try the following, first make sure every activity without an end date has a new end date and delete any activity that is not needed.

A second issue that we resolved was the Intellisync settings did not show the Outlook profile when configuring a new user.  We discovered the issue was tied to the security settings of the user.  The fix was to make the user an admin user during the installation, log off the system and confirm the user can select the Outlook profile in Intellisync.  Then the user can be reset to power user.

Another issue we encountered was a missing Sync SalesLogix Contact group.  The user had created the group but did not have any contacts in the Sync SalesLogix Contact group.  The quick fix is adding a contact to the group to make it appear.

One final procedure that I recommend is an upgrade to the latest Intellisync install after any Outlook upgrade.


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