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Infor CRM (Saleslogix)

CRM that will reveal opportunities and engage customers, deployed how you want.

In the world of CRM you have many options, but not every option is as adaptable to your unique business needs and challenges as Infor CRM.

Infor CRM has the functionality you need – whether using it straight out-of-the-box, or utilizing the extensive customization capabilities many other CRM systems lack.  It allows you to offer a personalized, customer-centric experience to both your base and your leads, while at the same time solving pains such as sales performance management, lead to revenue management, and response time to customer issues and inquiries.

The clean, modern interface is focused on usability – driving user adoption and solving the problem of employee buy-in.

The many deployment options give you the flexibility implement a CRM application that fits your business needs.  Don’t have the IT resources to manage a CRM system and the necessary hardware?  Infor CRM Cloud has you covered.  Do you want your staff to have access to your CRM from anywhere via a URL, but still want to maintain your system in house?  Infor CRM Web is your solution.  And if you have a staff that is constantly on the go – making sales calls or providing onsite services – you have Infor CRM Mobile to provide your employees with the important customer or prospect information they need at no extra charge.

Infor CRM for Business Owners

Business Owners benefit because the efficiency and effectiveness of their business increases resulting in more profits and higher customer retention rates.  Without Infor CRM, the business operates on broken, inconsistent processes.

Infor CRM for Management

Management benefits because they have complete and accurate visibility into the performance of their team including predictable sales revenue and the opportunity to take corrective action before its too late.  Without Infor CRM they make guesses and assumptions as to why sales are not what they should be.

Infor CRM for Sales

Sales benefits because they can spend more time interacting with customers and prospects on activities that lead to more sales and personal income.  Without Infor CRM, opportunities fall through the cracks and sales spends too much time on unproductive activities.

Infor CRM for Marketing

Marketing benefits because they immediately see the results of their efforts and maximize their impact on prospects.  Without Infor CRM, marketing efforts give unclear results that do not produce the desired impact.

Infor CRM for Customer Support

Customer support benefits by customers being better served, their issues are resolved quickly and easily.  This creates higher customer satisfaction.  Without Infor CRM, there is no visibility to customer issues and no central knowledge base that can provide all support staff with the collective knowledge to solve any issue.

Infor ION

Simple, powerful, scalable middleware.

Integration at its finest, Infor’s Intelligent Open Network (ION) will help you take the headache out of combining disparate software systems so that you can get your hands on the information you need.   Infor ION has a built-in connection to Infor CRM allowing for a seamless integration with back office systems – both Infor and third party products.  Infor ION allows you to create workflows and alerts, and monitor your business so that you can make good decisions quickly.

ION Overview

Infor Intelligent Open Network (ION) is a powerful integration platform that enables disparate business systems to share information by translating it into the common language of standardized XML. Here’s how it works.


Sophisticated marketing automation with native Infor CRM (Saleslogix) integration.

Meet your revenue goals by aligning your sales and marketing teams, and your sales and marketing technology, by implementing Salesfusion.  The native integration between Salesfusion and Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) takes marketing activities to a whole new level and gives ownership of lead generation and management to both Marketing and Sales. With Salesfusion you will have integrated email marketing allowing you to capture leads, assign leads a score so Sales knows which prospects are most interested, and track visitors to your website.

Swiftpage e-Marketing

Cost effective email marketing for Infor CRM.

If you’re a small business struggling to effectively manage and track your email marketing efforts Swiftpage e-Marketing may be just the solution you need.   Straightforward, easy to use, and with built-in integration to Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix), you can create beautiful campaigns using the library of preloaded templates -or import your own, send email communications to groups you create in Infor CRM, and track and write back to Infor CRM the open and clicks rates of marketing efforts.  And if you want to nurture your leads the drip marketing feature of Swiftpage e-Marketing will allow you to manage your communications by automating messages based on rules you create.  When you use Swiftpage e-Marketing you will be able to identify your most promising leads and schedule timely follow-ups.


Keeping your finger on the pulse of your business.

If you find that you are missing key business information, or you are receiving that information too late, KnowledgeSync’s Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) will help you get the right information to the right person at the right right time.  KnowledgeSync Alerts and Workflow offer a unique combination of BI-strength data analysis with alerts, automatic document and report distribution, and workflow capabilities.

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