SalesLogix SData Developer

The SalesLogix SData series covers working with the Infor CRM (Saleslogix) REST API known as SData

An Overview of SData – The SalesLogix Web Enabled API

Chances are, if you work or use SalesLogix (or any Sage product) you've heard of SData by now. SData is a basically a web enabled API for SalesLogix allowing you to interact with SalesLogix data from an external application or website. The great thing about SData is that it is a specification that is implemented via RESTful web services. This means you're not limited to using SData with a particular technology (such as exclusively via .NET). In a nutshell, SData works via sending and receiving XML payloads via a URL. Pretty simple. This article will take a high-level overview of SData as an introduction (which means there will be several more in-depth posts on the way).

Writing Queries for the SalesLogix SData API

In this fourth post in the SalesLogix SData series, I will introduce how to write queries for SalesLogix SData and will point to a useful resource as you get started, or more comfortable with SData. View the SalesLogix SData Developer series index SData Query Language Be sure to first take a look at my last post which covers how to retrieve data via the SData API. The ability to read data from SalesLogix via the SData API is only useful if you know how to control it. Reading all records from a table isn’t exactly useful. Knowing how to control which records you’re retrieving is a must. Fortunately, that is easy, but it does take some knowledge of the SData Query Language. SData uses a language refered to as SData Query Lanaguage. So, what does this mean to you, another thing to learn? Not really. The syntax for the language is simple and easily guessable. If you know how to write NHibernate queries then this won’t look much different. As a matter of fact, if you know how to write SQL queries, this won’t really look much different. Example Query Conditions Before we get too deep into things, let’s take a look at some sample query conditions using SData. As I showed in the previous post (Retrieving Data via SData), you can use these conditions by adding them to the QueryValues collection of the SDataResourceCollectionRequest for the “where” part of the query. Retrieve all records created since 5/1/2011 “CreateDate ge @2011-01-05@” Retrieve all account records whose Name starts with the letter A through L “left(AccountName,1) between ‘A’ and ‘L'” Retrieve all SalesOrders whose State...

Including Nested Payloads with SData for SalesLogix

When you're developing an application or customization using SData for SalesLogix, the fewer trips you make to the server the better. Moving data back and forth across the wire will always be the biggest bottleneck in your code, so making use of nested payloads will save you some trips by bringing all the data you're after back in one pass.

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