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  • How to Debug a SalesLogix .NET Extension

    The question of how to debug a .NET Extension has come up a few times in the SalesLogix Business Partner newsgroups as well as on the slxdeveloper.com forums . I've answered this a few times in those locations, so this might be a repeat of info for some, but I did think it was worthwhile to post...
    Posted to Ryan Farley's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • SalesLogix and .NET in Version 7

    The next version of SalesLogix (v7) will include support for executing¬†.NET 2.0¬†code in SalesLogix. You run code from .NET assemblies, load forms into SalesLogix, and just about anything else. This is an awesome addition to SalesLogix for the developer that wants to get outside the “Architect box”...
    Posted to Ryan Farley's Blog (Weblog) by on
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