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  • Evaluating strings in C# Code snippets

    When checking for two (or more) different values for a property in a code snippet, you can't simply look at the string values without an error being thrown. For example: Sage.Entity.Interfaces.IAccount acc this.BindingSource.Current as Sage.Entity.Interfaces.IAccount; if (acc.type != "Customer"...
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  • Exporting Table data via the SalesLogix web client

    Recently, I had a request to create export functionality for a datagrid in the SalesLogix web client. I had a little difficulty exporting data from the actual grid, but as an alternative, we put together functionality to export data based on a provided SQL query. (Thanks to Ryan for working out the SmartPart...
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  • Launching Schedule Activity functionality in the SLX Web client

    On a recent project, I worked on emulating functionality similar to what is found in the LAN client where a user is presented a dialog asking them to choose between different activity types then launching into the Schedule Activity functionality. I found this was fairly easy to duplicate in the web client...
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  • Web Basics - Using the UserService in a Code Snippet Action Item.

    It's easy to access the UserService interface from a Code Snippet Action item in the SalesLogix web client. For this example, I'm just going to add a button on account detail which will launch a DialogService message with the current user. After adding the button to the AccountDetails form, I...
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  • Showing a Message to the User from a Code Snippet Action in SalesLogix Web

    Showing a message to a user in SalesLogix Web is an easy task. It should be, right? Of course - and it is, however, you might need to know where to look to do it. This post will take a look at how to do this from both a Code Snippet Action and a C# Snippet Action. Showing a message in the web client...
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  • Type/Subtype issue in SLX Web 7.5.1

    Before I get back to Sage CRM topics, I wanted to mention an issue I bumped into an issue in a couple of SLX 7.5.1 databases. Account Type/Subtype combination are generally pretty easy to set up. You just need to create a picklist and name it using the "Code" value for an item in the Account...
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  • Setting required fields in SalesLogix 7.5 Web Client insert views

    For this post, I'll outline how to use a business rule to enforce field requirements on a Insert view in SalesLogix web. For this example, I'll be adding a requirement to fill the Description field when inserting a new opportunity. Step 1: Create Business Rule In the Application Architect, open...
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  • Accessing User and Security Entity Properties in SalesLogix Web

    There are likely many cases in SalesLogix Web where you need to access properties on the User and Security related entities that are not included in the entity by default, meaning that there is no public property exposing the value. For example, the IsManager property on the User entity. A co-worker...
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  • Programatically Adding a New Record in SalesLogix Web

    Something that is a common task in development, yet one that I get a lot of questions about, is how to programatically add a new record in SalesLogix Web using the entity model. This is an easy task, but unless you have some examples to learn from you might not know where to start. Let's take a look...
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  • Public SalesLogix Developer Classes Revamped

    I announced a while ago that we will be offering some public developer training classes for SalesLogix Web. We will be making some changes to the class outline I posted earlier. The new classes we will be offering will be as follows: Building Solutions for SalesLogix Web This is the all-inclusive web...
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