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  • Problem setting SLXTextbox enabled property / Setting unexposed base control properties for a custom control

    I recently had an issue with a Quickform where I was attempting to set the Enabled property of a TextBox based on the value of a checkbox on the same form. For some reason, the enabled property I was setting for the textBox was not being honored. My code was basically this: if (checkbox.checked) { checkbox2...
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  • Basics - Setting filters in the OpenDialog common dialog

    I wanted to run through quickly how to set filters when using the OpenDialog in the SalesLogix LAN client. When using OpenDialog, it's nice to be able to define filters so that your users only see the type of file that you want them to open. This is really easy to set up. The Filter properties of...
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  • Area/Category/Issue headache in SalesLogix Web

    Ah, the SalesLogix Web Client... Having worked with SalesLogix for over a decade, I feel as though there's not a whole lot I can't do with the LAN client. The Web client however.... Well, it seems like I encounter challenges with it every day. I have a project that I'm currently working on...
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  • Using Picklist data revisited

    Back in January, I posted about the SalesLogix picklist data structure, and outlined how to use the data found in the picklist table to populate other controls such as comboboxes and listboxes. You can find that article here .) If you are performing customizations to version 7.2 or later of SalesLogx...
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  • Utilizing Spell-Check functionality in SalesLogix 7.5 LAN

    If you've ever wanted to implement some sort of Spell Check functionality within your SalesLogix database, you're in luck! The Standard Spell Check vbScript makes it simple to add this functionality to your custom forms. *Note: Microsoft Word must be installed on the local machine. For this example...
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  • User feedback using the Animate Control

    In my last blog post, I described how to use the Progress Bar control to provide feedback to a user when running time intensive processes. In addition to the Progress Bar control, the Animate control can also be used. Animate Control The Animate control is very simple to use. A number of animations are...
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  • Providing interface feedback - Progress Bars

    When performing lengthy updates in the SalesLogix client, it's a good idea to provide the user with some degree of feedback so that it doesn't appear as though SalesLogix has locked up. The Progress Bar control, can be used for this purpose: Progress Bar The main properties in this control you...
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  • Building new Main Views in SalesLogix LAN - Part 2

    In my last Main Views article, I created the detail view as well as the mainview. For this next part, I'll go through creating an insert view, as well as toolbar and menu items for the new SLXProject entity. Creating the Insert View: The insert view for this new area will be created as a manage view...
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  • Filtering a DataGrid in SalesLogix Web at Runtime

    Binding a DataGrid at runtime is something that many SalesLogix developers are used to doing while working in the LAN client. This task is every bit as easy in the web platform as well. Let's take a look at how to put this together. Scenario For this example, we will put together a tab on the account...
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  • Building new Main Views in SalesLogix LAN - Part 1

    For my next few blog posts, I'll go through the steps required to create a new main area in SalesLogix. We'll be creating a new area in SalesLogix that I'll call SLXProjects. When we're finished, we'll have a fully functional project management system. I'll be going through this...
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