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  • Modifying the QuickFind Lookup in the SalesLogix LAN client

    The Quick Find functionality in the SalesLogix web client is a fast and easy way to look up information from many different areas in SalesLogix, but did you know you could modify the layout of the various lookups displayed in that interface? The functionality is a little hard to find if you don't...
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  • Launching Schedule Activity functionality in the SLX Web client

    On a recent project, I worked on emulating functionality similar to what is found in the LAN client where a user is presented a dialog asking them to choose between different activity types then launching into the Schedule Activity functionality. I found this was fairly easy to duplicate in the web client...
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  • Advanced Pivoting in MSSQL

    Using pivot queries in SQL is a great tool for rotating data, but what if you need to do something more complicated with multiple data sources and multiple columns? Recently, I had a request to pivot some data from multiple similar tables and to rotate that data into a columnar format. I hadn't played...
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  • Updating table IDs in SageCRM using SQL

    I just finished work on an import project into SageCRM, using SQL Server Integration services to move data from a couple of Excel Spreadsheets into the database. One of the items I had to figure out was how to populate tableIDs for the imported records. The primary keys in SageCRM don't have a uniqueness...
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  • Using SQL User defined functions and Cross Apply to parse SQL data

    Recently, I worked on an import where I spent a considerable amount of time working out how to effectively parse data from a SQL table, for insertion into another table. The table I was evaluating basically looked like this: ID, Value ------------------------------ "1", "ABC, DEF, HIJ"...
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  • Displaying external data in SageCRM with ASP

    In my last blog post, I outlined how to display data from external database in SageCRM 200. This week, I'm going to do the same thing, but instead of connecting to an external datasource through SageCRM, I'm going to display the data using a custom ASP page. If you recall from my last post, we...
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  • Displaying external data in SageCRM 200

    In this post, I will outline a relatively simply process for displaying data in SageCRM from an external data source. To keep this simple, we're not going to worry about any sort of security, and we'll save more advanced formatting for another post. First of all, we need to create a reference...
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  • Using Picklist data revisited

    Back in January, I posted about the SalesLogix picklist data structure, and outlined how to use the data found in the picklist table to populate other controls such as comboboxes and listboxes. You can find that article here .) If you are performing customizations to version 7.2 or later of SalesLogx...
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  • Using SQL views to incorporate external data into SalesLogix customizations

    Did you know that you can include SQL views in SalesLogix? This can be a very handy method to include data that is not normally part of SalesLogix. It is important to note, that these changes are not sync-aware. However if you are running SalesLogix LAN in a network only environment, this can be a helpful...
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  • Events based on history in version 6.x SalesLogix

    Prior to version 7, there was limited access to those activity and history areas in SalesLogix. In a recent project, I had to perform a series of tasks upon completing an activity with a particular Type/Category/Result combination. This had to be done in a 6.2.1 system. In order to do this, I had to...
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