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  • Changes in Sublogix Version 1.2

    I've pushed version 1.2 of Sublogix to NuGet. There's some changes in how the custom entity templates are created by default. In previous versions of Sublogix, the custom entity templates used the display names for tables and fields in SalesLogix to create classes and properties. This caused...
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  • SalesLogix Group Explorer Updated

    The SalesLogix Group Explorer has become a widely used tool for tracking down issues with SalesLogix groups, allowing you to see the group definition, conditions, layout, and underlying SQL for any SalesLogix group. Best of all it's a free tool. This tool has been updated to work on 64-bit computers...
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  • Community Explorer - The Desktop Client for the Sage SalesLogix Community Forums

    Ever since Sage released their official SalesLogix community website & forums, I've wanted a better way to search and browse the forums. I've been working on a desktop client that does just this in a better, faster, and more efficient way. So, I'd like to announce the public release of...
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  • Account Hierarchy for SalesLogix Web Source Code Has a New Home

    The Account Hierarchy for SalesLogix Web module has a new home. I have moved the source to Github to make a public repository for the code and make it easier for others to get the latest source as I make changes to it (and hopefully get some contributions from others too who use it). I released a public...
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  • SalesLogix Group Explorer Added to Labs

    I added a new utility to the Customer FX Labs tonight, the SalesLogix Group Explorer. This utility allows you to dig deeper into the definition of SalesLogix groups than you ever thought possible. You can see the group's layout, included columns, conditions, sort order, and way more. Not only that...
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  • Power2Quotes for SalesLogix

    Complete, Advanced, Effective Quoting for SalesLogix Power2Quotes provides an advanced and complete quoting solution for SalesLogix. It's a solution that baked in the Customer FX Labs to perfection and is now in production in many SalesLogix systems, providing useful, money-making results for several...
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  • Ping a Remote Server Using C#

    In my last post , I shared some code in VBScript to PING a remote server to check for availability before attempting to use a resource on that remote server. This wouldn't be my blog if I didn't also share this code in C# as well. IMO, this sort of thing is a far better suited for a .NET Extension...
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  • Ping a Remote Server Using VBScript

    At times you might build a customization in the SalesLogix LAN client that relies on networked resources. For example, you might consume a web service or other resource that is available to LAN users and remote users via VPN. In this scenario, and many others like it, you have the potential to have remote...
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  • SalesLogixBlog.com is now CRM Developer on the new customerfx.com

    Over the past several years I've maintained a SalesLogix related weblog at SalesLogixBlog.com. This blog has now moved to a new URL and a new perspective. SalesLogixBlog.com can now be located on the new Customer FX 3.0 website at http://customerfx.com/crmdeveloper . You'll still be able to expect...
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  • DeskConnect

    Manage Remote Desktop Connections for the Enterprise DeskConnect was born out of pure need by the Customer FX development and support staff. At Customer FX, we work the way that many development and IT shops work today with many servers and desktops spread out across the enterprise used for production...
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