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  • Modifying the QuickFind Lookup in the SalesLogix LAN client

    The Quick Find functionality in the SalesLogix web client is a fast and easy way to look up information from many different areas in SalesLogix, but did you know you could modify the layout of the various lookups displayed in that interface? The functionality is a little hard to find if you don't...
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  • Hiding tabs in the web client using Roles

    If you had a tab you wanted to hide in the LAN client, all you have to do is remove the current release. Once that was done, the Admin user will continue to see the tab, but no other users will have access to it. This is something that you can do in the Web client fairly easily as well, although you...
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  • Basics - Setting filters in the OpenDialog common dialog

    I wanted to run through quickly how to set filters when using the OpenDialog in the SalesLogix LAN client. When using OpenDialog, it's nice to be able to define filters so that your users only see the type of file that you want them to open. This is really easy to set up. The Filter properties of...
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  • Modifying the 'Copy to E-mail' link in the SalesLogix Web client Opportunity snapshot

    If you've ever wanted to modify the email generated from the Opportunity Snapshot in the web client, you'll find that it is incredibly simple to add new fields to the body of the email. To do so, you will need to modify the OpportunitySnapShot.ascx.cs smart part, found under Portal Manager->Sage...
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  • Using the Reporting API enhancement in SLX 7.5.2 web

    Sage has added an API enhancement to facilitate running Crystal reports in the SalesLogix web client. To get the functionality in 7.5.1, it was necessary to install a reporting update bundle, but the functionality has incorporated into 7.5.2 with no additional installation needed. The enhancement adds...
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  • SageCRM - Building Workslips Part 1

    Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting a walk-through which will outline building a Workslips module for SageCRM. In this part, I'll cover creating a new table, and defining fields in that table. We're going to start with creating new table structure to hold basic Workslip information....
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  • Adding/Modifying system menu items in Sage CRM

    By using the Systems Menu functionality, you have the ability to customize the Administration and Main menus in Sage CRM. As an example, I'm going to add a custom menu item to the main Sage CRM menu to launch the view to create a new Person record in Sage CRM. System menus are managed under Administration...
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  • Displaying external data in SageCRM with ASP

    In my last blog post, I outlined how to display data from external database in SageCRM 200. This week, I'm going to do the same thing, but instead of connecting to an external datasource through SageCRM, I'm going to display the data using a custom ASP page. If you recall from my last post, we...
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  • Displaying external data in SageCRM 200

    In this post, I will outline a relatively simply process for displaying data in SageCRM from an external data source. To keep this simple, we're not going to worry about any sort of security, and we'll save more advanced formatting for another post. First of all, we need to create a reference...
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  • Using Picklist data revisited

    Back in January, I posted about the SalesLogix picklist data structure, and outlined how to use the data found in the picklist table to populate other controls such as comboboxes and listboxes. You can find that article here .) If you are performing customizations to version 7.2 or later of SalesLogx...
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