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  • Telnet Sample to Send an SMTP email

    I am always forgetting how to test sending an email through an SMTP gateway using the Telnet client. So rather then googling it all the time why not add it here! The initial telnet: > symbolizes your shell prompt. The empty line between the headers and the body is important, as is the line containing...
    Posted to Kris Halsrud's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Adding a report link to the Common Tasks pane in Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix)

    When you are viewing an Entity Detail page, the Common Tasks pane on the right of the page provides a number of links to perform common tasks, such as Mail Merges, Emails and creating activities for the current entity record. By making a couple modifications, we can add a link to run a report from this...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Problem with the Clean Build Folders option in Application Architect

    I intended to write a post regarding new Account and Contact user fields and logic to keep those values synced up, but since I'm a couple weeks late on my post for this month (Sorry Brianna!), and I've been dealing with this issue this morning, I thought I'd get this short one posted. Definitely...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Configuring and Packaging secured actions in Saleslogix 8.0

    Using Secured Actions, you can restrict access to user interface elements in the Saleslogix web client. If you know which tables to look for, it is easy to package those modifications for installation into another Saleslogix system. First of all, a quick review of how secured actions are set up... In...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Debugging Custom Assemblies Using Visual Studio

    Developing for Saleslogix web using external assemblies provides you with a lot of freedom when developing code for Saleslogix web. External assemblies can be helpful when organizing projects, reusing code and working with references to other assemblies. You also have the ability to step through your...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Installing a Saleslogix Web Bundle

    I realized that we didn't have any sort of simple write up of how to install a Saleslogix web bundle, so for my post this month, I thought I'd list the steps in a typical installation with screenshots. Most of these screenshots are from an 8.0 system, but the process should be the same in older...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Setting the Defaults on the Insert Account/Contact Duplicate Record View

    When creating a new Account/Contact record in Saleslogix Web, you have the ability to check for duplicate values. With some simple modifications to the code page behind that form, you can set default values for the Match Filters. All of these changes will be performed on the ContactSearchForDuplicates...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Adding string formatting to values using WebEntityBinding

    In a recent project, I needed to round numeric values displayed in the Opportunity Snapshot. This can be done easily using the WebEntityBinding method in the source code file for the Opportunity Snapshot smartpart. The WebEntityBinding method is contained in the Sage.Platform.WebPortal.Binding namespace...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Updating text within Textblob fields in SalesLogix

    I had a request to post on how you could replace characters within a Blob field in the SalesLogix database. Blob fields are database fields that hold any sort of binary information (such as text, images, audio, etc..), but SalesLogix uses them primarily for holding large amounts of text, since you don't...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Summary and GroupBy of data using IRepository and projections

    In the SalesLogix web client, you don't really have the same old options regarding Queries and Datasets. However, by using IRepository you can create similar functionality by using projections to define groups and other calculations. In this case, I needed to present a dialog displaying a breakdown...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
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