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  • Adding attachments to an email dynamically in KnowledgeSync

    The KnowledgeSync send email feature is typically used to deliver a static email composed of an email body with KnowledgeSync alert data merged into it and perhaps a report output or static file added as attachments. There is another less known capability in KnowledgeSync that allows you to attach files...
    Posted to Kris Halsrud's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • KnowledgeSync has updated their user manual

    Anyone that has worked with the KnowledgeSync manual in the past knows that it is a massive document of over 500 pages.  Well, VineyardSoft has decided to do a re-write of the manual and has condensed it down while at the same time updating documentation with newer operating systems.  You can...
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  • Recorded KnowledgeSync Webcasts

    From Sage... Learn more about KnowledgeSync, a business activity monitoring solution, and an excellent add-on for SalesLogix. Sage has three recorded webcasts you can view: Business Activity Monitoring is Essential in a Challenging Economy Operational Business Intelligence Helps With Day-to-Day Decision...
  • New KnowledgeSync SalesLogix EventPak is available

    I recently received a notice that a new advanced SalesLogix EventPak has been developed and is available free to any KnowledgeSync customers who would like it.  It is available for free here: http://www.vineyardsoft.com/downloads.php
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  • SalesLogix 7.5 with KnowledgeSync

    Here is a tip that SalesLogix Admins can use when they upgrade to SalesLogix 7.5 and use KnowledgeSync. The Windows user account running the KnowlegeSync service must log into the KSserver and Edit the KSService login in order to write the correct attributes to the service account registry entries. For...
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  • KnowledgeSync 7.6 released

    Vineyardsoft has just released KnoweldgeSync 7.6. Some of the new features available in this version include: Email authentication for outgoing email alert messages Filtering the display of events in the navigator module. Dynamic alert dashboards. Previously if you wanted different dashboards to display...
    Posted to Kris Halsrud's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Sage KnowledgeSync for SalesLogix and MAS 500: A Wise Solution in a Challenging Economy

    If there are two words that best describe what a company needs to survive in these challenging economic times, they are “streamlining” and “diligence”. Whereas two or three years ago a company could afford to pay a person to “handle invoicing” or “do collections”, today that luxury is gone. So too has...
  • SalesLogix 7.5 Web Integration with KnoweldgeSync

    A notice was sent out by the business alerting tool KnowledgeSync about upcoming ability to embed alerts as web pages in the SalesLogix 7.5 Web client.This is really cool news as it would allow for a lot of great possibilities for displaying data from across an enterprise in the SalesLogix client. Here...
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  • KnowledgeSync is Now a Sage-Endorsed Product

    Useful Info Now that Sage KnowledgeSync is a Sage-Endorsed Product ...here are a few useful links to help you better understand and promote the KnowledgeSync Alerting and Workflow solution: 1. New Site: www.sageknowledgesync.com This site is live!! From here, you can download product data sheets, descriptions...
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  • KnowledgeSync

    BAM! Ok, Business Activity Monitoring. What is it? Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) has become the way that many companies are generating real return from their Enterprise Applications and Business Process Modeling efforts. What BAM does is create a way for enterprises to identify and react to exceptions...
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