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  • September MAS License Promotion Announced

    Announcing two Sweet September Promotions! Sage is pleased to announce two additional promotions for existing customers. 1. For every purchase of five Sage MAS 500 user licenses, you get an additional free user license! 2. Purchase a Sage MAS 90 or 200 module and get one user license for free!* Following...
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  • MAS 500 checking a customers credit limit

    MAS offers a stored procedure that allows you to check if a custom has exceeded their credit limit.  The procedure is called "sparCreditCheck" and takes 8 parameters: @iCustKey - the customer key of the customer you want to check the credit limit on. @iTranType - Transaction type of the...
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  • SalesLogix ERP Link- How the sales order push to MAS determines which warehouse to use

    If you have worked with ERP Link you have probably gotten use to seeing validation errors when attempting to push a sales order to MAS from SalesLogix. Something like this: But how do you know what the problem is? What is ERP Link using to populate the warehouse value, causing it to fail? ERP Link can...
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  • MAS 500 Technical Tips

    Changing Report Locations and Setting Up SQL Server 2005 System Data Permissions Changing Report Locations You can centralize customized reports on the server by changing the report location. The default report location is ..\Sage MAS 500 Client\Module\Reports. Update the path in version 7.0 or later...
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  • A Bug in SalesLogix ERP Sync when not running it on the SalesLogix Server

    In an earlier post , I reviewed the ERP Sync component of the Sage ERP Link product.  We had a client who was unable to get ERP Sync to run.  They had everything set up correctly but when the job was executed using the command line switches, the SalesLogix client would open then close without...
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  • Sage SalesLogix ERP Link Sync

    In addition to the client side aspect of ERP Link there is a "server" side component that allows the ERP Link Queries to run and populate the data in SalesLogix. The queries provide the data that you see in SalesLogix for a customer like YTD sales, open payments, open invoices, etc. These data...
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  • SalesLogix ERP Link- An Overview

    With ERP Link, SalesLogix has the capability to integrate with MAS 500 in a more robust fashion than is possible with DynaLink. Lets take a look at the components of ERP Link. Overview of the Components First of all the actual ERP Link product is mainly contained in a couple of .NET extension in the...
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  • Retrieving Sales Order defaults for a MAS 500 customer

    One of the useful stored procedures in MAS 500 that I have used quite a bit is spsoGetCustDflts. This stored procedure allows you to pass in customer parameters and have the system return to you nearly all of the customer attributes you would need to populate a Sales Order in MAS 500. The spsoGetCustDflts...
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  • SalesLogix Upgrades

    This week I have had many conversations with clients regarding SalesLogix upgrades . Although everyone wants the new features and improvements of new software versions, they are often very reluctant to go through the upgrade process. I think it is important to understand that once software is purchased...
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  • Whitepaper on Business Management Software

    New from Sage, includes original, independent research that answers a number of question, including: What are the greatest software challenges facing small and mid-size businesses? What type of software are small and mid-size businesses using? How effective are businesses at sharing data between the...
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