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  • Setting Up Multiple SalesLogix 7.5 Web Reporting Sites on One Web Server

    The standard SalesLogix 7.5.x “SLX Web Reporting” site can only be used for one database because it contains a Connect.Config file that points to a single database. You can switch between databases by re-deploying the “SLX Web Reporting” site, but in a development environment it is more convenient to...
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  • Using the Reporting API enhancement in SLX 7.5.2 web

    Sage has added an API enhancement to facilitate running Crystal reports in the SalesLogix web client. To get the functionality in 7.5.1, it was necessary to install a reporting update bundle, but the functionality has incorporated into 7.5.2 with no additional installation needed. The enhancement adds...
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  • Report Settings in SageCRM

    The standard settings for Reporting in SageCRM are not sufficient. We repeatedly see issues with reports failing to preview or print. My advice is to change these settings in the Documents and Reports Configuration. Reports query timeout - increase to 120 from 60. Reports build timeout - increase to...
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  • Crystal Reports Professional XI R2 SP3 for SalesLogix 7.5.x Issue

    The SalesLogix 7.5 Compatibility Checklist and Implemenation Guide say that Crystal Reports Professional XI R2 needs to be upgraded to Service Pack 3 (SP3). Also, SP3 is provided on the Crystal installation DVD. However, when you try to install SP3 the below message appears and the installation stops...
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  • Setting conditions for Crystal Reports in SalesLogix LAN

    I wanted to quickly outline a process for passing a condition to a Crystal report in two simple steps. Say you've created an account report that you want to launch via a button on the account detail, limited to the current account record. Step 1, Setting up the button: The button is going to do two...
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  • SalesLogix 7.5.1 Web Reporting Tech Tip

    Web reporting was configured, deployed, and working on a 7.5.1 SalesLogix web server but after installing a customization bundle the Web Reports icon returned the following error: "Web Reporting has not been configured. Please contact your SalesLogix Administrator." After some troubleshooting...
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  • Free SalesLogix Report Downloads

    We've added a new page to our site listing all of the Enhanced SalesLogix Reports we are creating as part of an ongoing series of blog posts by George Jensen, Crystal Reports Guru at CFX. We are going through every report that ships with SalesLogix and fixing issues as well as adding enhancements...
  • The Current Activities - Sample Report in SalesLogix v7.5

    There was an issue reported by a customer when running the Current Activities - Sample report on the network client, namely, he could not select a start or end date using the date picker. The system immediately returned an error. "Script error (System:Global Reports) Error in (SYSTEM:SLX REPORT...
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