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  • Using an Array - SQL vs Crystal.

    In data, an Array is used to store multiple values in a single variable. I often use Arrays to qualify records for the query I am working on in either SQL or Crystal. The problem is the Arrays are formatted differently in each environment and if you are like me, it can be difficult remembering the exact...
    Posted to George Jensen's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • SQL Stored Procedure to Create SalesLogix Table ID Values

    Most of the SalesLogix systems I see now days no longer use remote users. Instead, all users VPN into a central network to access SalesLogix, or use the SalesLogix Web and Mobile clients instead for remote users. This removes the need to worry about things like synchronization for remote users and also...
    Posted to Ryan Farley's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Updating text within Textblob fields in SalesLogix

    I had a request to post on how you could replace characters within a Blob field in the SalesLogix database. Blob fields are database fields that hold any sort of binary information (such as text, images, audio, etc..), but SalesLogix uses them primarily for holding large amounts of text, since you don't...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Simple Insert Trigger Example

    I previously posted about using an update trigger to enforce data rules in SalesLogix. Since I was working on another trigger now, I also wanted to post a simple example of an Insert Trigger. Basically, I have a table called TriggerTest containing a State and also three of Manager fields. When inserting...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Running Sql Server Integration services package from a C Sharp application

    If you've ever created a SSIS package and wanted to provide a way for end users to run that package without having to run the Business Intelligence Development studio, you can compile the package into a dtsx file for them to run. This would require them to manually alter connections and variables...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Advanced Pivoting in MSSQL

    Using pivot queries in SQL is a great tool for rotating data, but what if you need to do something more complicated with multiple data sources and multiple columns? Recently, I had a request to pivot some data from multiple similar tables and to rotate that data into a columnar format. I hadn't played...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Leveling out Users Data.

    I am four posts into building a drill down report using Sage SalesLogix Visual Analyzer and Dashboard as a my guide. This series of post starts with a post labeled " Updating the Managed Quota Area for Sage SalesLogix " , if you follow the links on each post you will eventually end up back...
    Posted to George Jensen's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Writing the User - Quota vs Actual Crystal Report.

    Over the last three posts we have updated the Quota's are of Sage SalesLogix , we have built SQL views to collect both the Quota data and the Actual Numbers for comparison. Now we will start writing our report. I am not going into to much detail on layout. My goal is to walk you through the common...
    Posted to George Jensen's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Gathering the Actual Numbers for Reporting Comparison

    I have just started writing a series of posts that will lead the reader of this blog through the creation of a report with the same kind of data break down as you see in the standard Sage SalesLogix Visual Analyzer and the Sage SalesLogix Dash Board. In the first week I provided a method to effectively...
    Posted to George Jensen's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Gathering User Quotas for Reporting

    If you read last weeks post , you will know I am setting up to build a user based report that will give the reader a lot of the same data you see in the standard Sage SalesLogix Visual Analyzer and the Sage SalesLogix Dash Board. Last week I provided you the ability to effectively set goals for your...
    Posted to George Jensen's Blog (Weblog) by on
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