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  • Adding Billing and Shipping addresses to SageCRM merge forms

    I was recently doing some work on merge forms in SageCRM and discovered that for Cases, SageCRM didn't take into account different address types in the OOTB Case merge fields. Normally, Address information is derived by joining the case_PrimaryCompanyID to the Company table, and then joining from...
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  • Updating table IDs in SageCRM using SQL

    I just finished work on an import project into SageCRM, using SQL Server Integration services to move data from a couple of Excel Spreadsheets into the database. One of the items I had to figure out was how to populate tableIDs for the imported records. The primary keys in SageCRM don't have a uniqueness...
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  • SageCRM v7 has entered Beta

    Sage is getting ready to release the latest version of SageCRM and we will keep you posted as more information about this exciting new release becomes available. The new features of Sage CRM v7 are: The interactive dashboard Active directory provisioning SData provider Interface enhancements and product...
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  • SageCRM 6.x Field Length

    One of our creative SageCRM admins created a custom entity in SageCRM 6.0 and was successfully using that entity for over a year. Just recently one of his unrestricted users started getting the following error every time he tried to enter a new entity - eWare.eWareBlockContainer error '8000ffff'...
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  • Become a Fan of Customer FX on Facebook / Twitter

    If you've been following our blogs, such as mine or our others written by Ryan Farley , Kris Halsrud and George Jensen (among others), we now have feeds set up on both Twitter and Facebook ! These feeds are a great and easy way to stay on top of new information relevant to SalesLogix, SageCRM and...
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  • SageCRM - Building Workslips Part 1

    Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting a walk-through which will outline building a Workslips module for SageCRM. In this part, I'll cover creating a new table, and defining fields in that table. We're going to start with creating new table structure to hold basic Workslip information....
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  • SageCRM - What is the Quick Notification functionality?

    The Quick Notification functionality allows you to create notification rules for main entities in CRM. Notification rules can contain up to five conditions. If all or some of the conditions are satisfied, a notification message is sent to the specified user in e-mail format or on-screen.
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  • SageCRM - Exchange Integration vs. Outlook Integration

    Did you know that SageCRM allows two types of integration for Outlook calendar syncing as a standard feature? Exchange integration and Outlook integration are two separate features in Sage CRM. Exchange integration is an add-on feature that can be requested by a Sage CRM customer, while Outlook integration...
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  • Using a SQL Query to Update the Person Table in SageCRM

    After a recent import into SageCRM we noticed the Person table did not reflect the same Account Manager when those people are in the same Company. We decided to update the tables in SQL rather then rerun the import and risk overwriting any new data. The script needed to find only those records in the...
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  • FieldTypes in Sage CRM

    I wanted to take this post to outline some of the common field types that are available within Sage CRM, for anyone new to development within Sage CRM. These are defined under the Fields tab under Administration/Customization/{EntityName}. *Note - not only to field names need to be unique, field Captions...
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