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  • Sage CRM v7.1 - Many Exciting New Features Spring 2011

    Sage CRM v7.1 will include Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM , our fully integrated email marketing solution which includes attention-grabbing e-marketing templates, smart-sending features, automated drip marketing campaigns and the ability to track open, click and bounce rates – all within Sage CRM. Follow...
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  • SageCRM v7.0 Beta Phase Has Been Announced

    The next generation of SageCRM 7.0 will be entering the beta phase with development partners next week. I will be blogging about changes and new features as they become available.
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  • Dragon Dictation software now available at the Apple App Store Free!

    There've been some dictation apps before now, but now Nuance, makers of Dragon, the world's most popular desktop dictation software, is invading the App Store with their own. Plus, it's free (for a limited time)! What does this have to do with CRM? Now you can just speak your meeting notes...
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  • SageCRM - Changing the Default User Template

    All new CRM installs contain a Default User Template. The Default User Template is where you can define your baseline settings for all new users. This enables you to define a set of common characteristics (the default language to be used, security access rights common to all users, and user preference...
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  • SageCRM - Viewing User Activity for All Users

    The User Activity administration option enables you to view the following information: ■ Summary information about all user activity. ■ A list of currently logged on users. ■ A list of historical user activity records. ■ Summary information about user sessions. To view user activity information for all...
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  • SageCRM - Company Team Restrictions

    Restrict Sensitive Info Rights to view the following tabs can be restricted for individual users depending on company team membership. This means that if you have not been assigned to work on an account via the Company Team tab, you may not view or update information in the following tabs: ■ Quick Look...
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  • SageCRM - What are Security Policies?

    Security Policies allow the System Administrator to set up additional security rights. When any of the settings within the Security Policies page are enabled, additional options are available in the Profile Rights For drop-down list in the Security Profiles page. A new icon called User Rights is displayed...
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  • SageCRM - What is the User Activity area?

    The User Activity area of the system enables Administrators to view user login and activity details. Information that can be viewed includes user login and logout time and date, session duration, logout method (whether manual or by automatic timeout), system access method (browser and version), a list...
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  • SageCRM - What is a Team?

    A team is a group of users who perform similar roles. In a small organization, this might mean that all Sales Department users are part of the Sales Team. In a larger organization, there may be Telesales, Direct Sales, and Field Sales teams. Putting Teams to Use in Your Organization Each user can be...
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  • SageCRM - Field Security

    The System Administrator can set up field security for the whole CRM system, for individuals, teams, and for security profiles via the Administration | Customization | <Entity> | Fields tab. For example, it is possible to make a field invisible to some users, allow others to view the contents of...
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