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  • Addings lists to SageCRM

    Loading lists for drop downs or multi-select controls in SageCRM is a tedious process. During an initial deployment it can be very time consuming to load large lists in manually. Here is a description on how you can import lists into the SageCRM back-end using normal SQL transformations. The lists are...
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  • SageCRM- Quick Start Guide

    In SageCRM there is a quick start page that comes up when you first log into SageCRM. Please don't ignore this page, there is alot of good information to review from here. It is a very quick learning tool that walks you through setting up preferences and some basic functionality of the program. Many...
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  • SageCRM works with iPhone and Blackberry Storm

    We have been doing some casual testing and experimenting with these two popular smart phones and have found them to be very usable with the SageCRM system. With the Apple iPhone for instance, you launch the Safari browser and tip the phone into the landscape mode. Because of the ability to pinch the...
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  • SageCRM - MAS90 Integration Options

    I had a chance to install and demonstrate the latest Greytrix integration engine for MAS and SageCRM called GUMU and was very impressed. Seemless ERP/CRM integration has been the holy grail for SMB organizations as long as I can remember but, I have never seen any vendor really deliver on this without...
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  • SalesLogix Data Dictionary

    Companies often make customizations to their SalesLogix System, however they do not often track the reasoning behing these changes or the data elements that are necessary for customizations to work properly. I always recommend that the SalesLogix Administrator create a data dictionary that can be placed...
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  • Swiftpage Now Available for SageCRM

    Meet your e-mail marketing needs! Last week I received an announcement that Swiftpage is now available for SageCRM v6.1 and v6.2. If you need a powerful, easy to use email marketing solution that integrates seamlessly with SageCRM then Swiftpage may be a perfect fit! Check out the Swiftpage for SageCRM...
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  • SageCRM v6.2 Product Brief

    I know that Scott Weber has been blogging about various features of SageCRM v6.2 for a couple weeks now, he has a wealth of knowledge about the product and great insight. If you are interested in learning about SageCRM I suggest that you read some or all of his blogs - you can find these by choosing...
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  • SageCRM 6.2 What's New - Themes

    SageCRM 6.2 will soon be publicly released so I wanted to produce a series of deep dives into some of it's new features and capabilities. I'll start with the "Branding Toolkit" which goes beyond just your typical application Theme or skins. The Administrator can create as many custom...
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  • SageCRM 6.2 Beta Preview

    Beta for SageCRM 6.2 is rapidly approaching. The initial schedule calls for it to run from July 30 through August 22. As usual, Customer FX will be participating and keep you posted on the progress. Some highlights on the upcoming release: Branding Toolkit – Users can change the look and feel of their...
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  • Swiftpage Announces SageCRM Integration

    This just in from Swiftpage. Good news for marketers and sales people. We just have to be patient while we wait for availability. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Swiftpage and Sage CRM Integration Announced at Insights! We understand that it has been...
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